Monday, August 24, 2009

Cold weather for August

Geeeee Whizzzz I woke up this morning and did not want to get out of the warm bed. It was soooo cold. Well at least it was cold for what it should be in August. I know it is supposed to warm up a lot today, butt...

It sure has been comfortable for me to be doing my very much hard garden digging. I worked out there for almost 3 hours yesterday. Mom was pulling weeds and dad was taking the tomato stakes down. I guess they feel as sad as I do about the fact that summer is almost over. We three just love the long warm days. That is because we LOVE to be outside.

We can rank the seasons like this... Summer (sunny super grrrreat) Spring (refreshing, happy, hopeful) Fall (pretty butt sad) Winter (cold dark miserable)

What do you think? Which is your favorite season? Why is that.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Well, Siberians rank the seasons in the reverse order of yours!


Frankie said...

Well, wow, you would be right at home here in Arizona, Frankie! It's Hot (fall), Warm (winter), Hot (spring), Fire (summer). :) I love the image of you "working" in the garden for 3 hours! I'll bet you dug lots of good holes for everyone! xoxo Frankie Mae

Sargeant said...


Hello to everyone on my brother Frankie's blog! He is such a special little pup and he has such wonderful blog friends! Thank you all so much for your warm wishes regarding my eye surgery. I was pretty heart-broken, but I'm better now. Sarge survived his time in the slammer and he seemed glad to be home. The helpers at the kennel all kept their fingers, so I considered that a success. He really can be a Ralph Rotten. Frankie isn't kidding about that, but we seem to love him anyway. I'm glad to see so many responses about improving health care! I have called my Senators and Representative and told them that I expect them to vote for universal coverage, a public option, caps on costs, end of life counseling, and the whole nine yards. GOBAMA! Well, I just wanted to thank everyone for thinking of me for my (almost) surgery. A huge thank you and love you goes out to my parents for offering me such a great gift and Ching present! Keep those comments coming...this is such a fun blog!! Signed, Lori (Frankie's sister and Sarge's Mom)