Tuesday, August 25, 2009

# 298

I am almost at the 300 posts mark. I plan to make it this week. I very much like planning things like... all day yesterday I was working in the yard and garden and making plans for TODAY.
I suppose you can tell that I planned to make a run to the lake today, can't you.
I am going to do some really restful and relaxing... shore work.
Mom is going to take her book, and my cheese and other food things. Dad is going to drive the boat to my favorite places and maybe do a little fishing. We need to have some leave time after all these days working outside.
I am sure glad that mom has already finished her canning and stuff. My friend FawnTell is working on making tomato juice. The Grinch Guy picked a BUNCH of tomatoes and now she has to stay home and do that WHILE I AM PLAYING AT MY LAKE. he he he
The Grinch Guy came here yesterday and borrowed mom's magical juice maker thingy. That was really really funny to me beclaws just the day before he had come on his 4-wheeler loaded down with all the stuff that my dad had taken down there. So mom said, "Oh good. Now I can get YOUR wood splitter sent Back down the road to YOUR house." Butt the Grinch Guy wouldn't let that happen for some reason that I don't understand.
And guess what he did when he was here:::: He got into mom's homemade cookies !!! I don't understand that stuff either, beclaws mom told DAD that he wasn't allowed to have any of them until we go to Lori's. I don't know how that Grinch gets by with all this stuff.
Yesterday my mom picked some of our grapes then she cut the vines. She froze the grapes so that she can make pies later. Did you know that grapes and raisins are very much bad for dogs to eat???? I don't know why though. I just know that mom said I couldn't touch them SOOOOOOO, while she did that stuff I dug 3 super duper dachshund holes under the vines. I don't know why mom was so happy about them, butt she was. She told dad something about him not needing to get the weed whacker out after I got finished.
OKAY, I see boat things and the cooler being gathered up. Gotta go !!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Happy Sailing thru the Tomato Sea towards #300!


Frankie Furter said...

Thank you my furend.

Frankie said...

Yes! Stay out of the grapes/raisins! Nothing in the mail yet - I'll let you know!

:) Frankie Mae