Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holy Moley

Boy OH boy did I ever have a very much grrreat day yesterday. First we did some work in the garden. Then I helped mom bake some more cookies. That had to happen because DAD ate a bunch of the cookies that she had baked for our company next weekend!! Next I helped dad with the mowing and trimming. That is a BIG job. He rides on his John Deere. I check his work and sometimes I have to bark at him and even chase him a little bit. That is because he misses places if I don't. Next I helped mom do some weeding in the flower beds. She doesn't get all them if I don't show her where and how. (I know that you think this is all work for me and no fun, butt I do like it.) After the weeding and mowing we took a break. I had to make sure mom rested, so I made her get on the swing with a book. I had to hold her down to keep her there. The only thing I let her do was make the swing go back and forth. he he he
After our break we had supper and went back to work...
We went into the garden again and I helped dad scratch the dirt back from all the onions. I am really good at that job. Mom got the weeds in the green beans while I did the onion work. Then I made dad take me for a ride on my 4- Wheeler. We went down the road to check on Jim the Grinch Guy. He needed to borrow the trailer that we haul my 4-wheeler on. BUTT... before I let him deliver it I did the BEST THING OF ALL...
Mom made them some coffee and they were on the front porch when I looked out at the nice freshly mowed front lawn when I saw a FRESH MOLE HILL !!!
I am the VERY MUCH BESTEST MOLE DIGGER YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!!! Mom opened the porch gate and said, " Frankie you can go and "GWALK THAT MOLEY". That is what she calls it gwalk-a-moley. I don't know what that means butt she thinks it is funny. I think digging in a MOLE HOLE is the very much best. What a super end to a wonderful day.
Today... I am taking mom and dad to my boat. They need a day to relax after all that work. he he he AHOY MATEY. Cap'n Frankie says anchors away (now that we have new ones.)

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