Monday, June 8, 2009

Beaver in the Lake

I know that you can't see this very much grrreat, butt you will get the idea. Yesterday I made my mom and dad take me to my boat, the Lady L. We were there for 8 hours. Mom packed lunch and supper for all of us (even some cheese, just for me!!) I got to go swimming and dad caught some fish. I was being Cap'n Frankie most of the time. I did get my alter ego, Salty Dawg, to come out for a bit. He went on Shore Patrol for a while. Butt the very most interesting thing was... while we were at our favorite Crappie Hole, a real live BEAVER swam right by my boat. I was very much excited. I made mom try to take a picture, butt... boy could that thing swim fast. This is the very first time we have ever seen a beaver there. Mom and dad have seen them other places, butt it was a FIRST for me.
It was a WONDERFUL day. I made it be mom and dad's reward for working really very much hard on Saturday. he he he
Now, the rest of my week will be very much awful. That SARGE is going to come to my house and just stay for EVER AND EVER. Well, maybe just for the weekend, butt it will feel like forever to me. He is even going to go on my boat. POOP Cat Butt Fart. There, now I feel a little bit better. Maybe I can lure him down the road to the Grinch's house... he he he It would serve them BOTH right. he he he
Hope you like the beaver pictures.


Nibbles Treats said...

What a great day you had!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Ruby and Penny said...

POOP Cat Butt Fart
Those are some nasty words. We hope Sarge is on his best behaviour.
Sounds like a great day on your boat. Did you find the beaver dam?
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

I love my dirty words. Mom said that I could have some words like George Carlin did, butt they couldn't be QUITE as graphic. he he he
No, we don't know where the dam is located. The next time mom or dad see the Park Ranger they are going to ask about that though.
Our friend (Kevin the Kid we didn't really have) has a 1/2 acre pond on his property. There are beaver in his pond and they DO have a lodge. I have never seen those beaver either. Mom says that there are too many wood ticks and Timber Rattlers there. Dad goes there to fish though. Butt not with me along.