Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help... Fawn Tell, Frankie needs help

I just heard some very bad news. I am going to have to go to SARGE'S house for the 4th. of July !!!!

Cat crap!!! I have hardly recovered from his visit HERE. Now this.

I don't want to go. I want to stay here close to my garden and my yard and my chipmunks and my moles and my stuff.

I am not allowed to go down the road by myself.
I am not allowed to use the phone any more (not since the incident).
I need for someone to contact my very much grrrrreat friend and bestest (and only) babysitter who is FAWN TELL. I want to stay here with her. She would take very much good care of me, I know she would. Please tell her that I would be the very very bestest dachshund she has ever seen... if only she will rescue me and let me stay with her. I would bring my playpen (Jail) and all of my food and toys and stuff. She would only have to bring me up the hill once or twice every day so that I could do my work.
I would protect her from all the mean things that Jim the Grinch Guy does to her. It would be like a VACATION. I wouldn't shed in her house either. I never ever potty in the house, like people do!!! I have excellent manners. I wouldn't be any more trouble than keeping the mail and newspaper. I pawmous !!! I even know where the BOAT KEYS ARE!!!
I don't want to go to that Sarge's house. I'll do anything to keep from getting in Jennifer Jeep. Some buddy, PLEASE.... Tell FawnTell that I would help her with all her hard work around the house and yard. Unless she has a Vacula at her house, along with the Grinch, then I would just want to be in my crib/jail and be scared furless.
I would even be willing to let FawnTell take me on some 4-wheeler rides. I know where those keys are too !!!! She would LOVE that, caws it is very much fun.
Some buddy.... tell my bestest (and only) babysitter that I said....
Rescue me. H E L P Poor Little FRANKIE. PLEASE.... FawnTell. Rescue me.
I promise not to even scoot my butt or anything, if you will let me stay with you. Did I mention that I know where the boat keys are??? I know how to find it and everything. I also know all the really good places to play on the shore. We could have a grrreat time on the lake.
Some buddy please tell FawnTell this...
(I think those are some of the words to some kind of song. It must be a very sad one. You could sing it to her. he he)
My life will just go to Cat Crap if I have to see Sarge again so soon. Rescue me, FawnTell.


Nibbles Treats said...

You can come stay with us. We'll rescue you.

Lots of treats -
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Lacy said...

w00f's Frankie, what did u do to derserve this pain...surely fawn tell will hear ur pleading to stay wiff her...

b safe,

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Tinkerbell, Oscar, and Tucker. First I wanted to tell you that for some crazy reason I can't get on your blog any more. When I try it SHUTS MY YapStop clear off.
I would Love to come stay with you, butt I don't think I could walk clear to Cincinnati heck, I'm not even allowed to go as far down the road as FawnTell & the Grinch's house.
Rocky I surely do hope you are right, my friend.

I am just worried sick about all this. I wish I hadn't created that incident with the phone. That way I could call FawnTell all by myself. Well, maybe. I tried using the phone that one time and... My mom has never forgotten that one.