Saturday, May 16, 2009

A REAL investigation

Boy am I ever PEED OFF. I took my mom and dad to my boat yesterday and I discovered that someone had stolen... both of my ANCHORS !!!
I took off my Cap'n had and put on my INSNIFFIGATOR cap and went searching for clues. I did my best, butt this is one mystery that even (I) F. Oscar Dachshund Detective could not solve. The trail was just too cold for me to follow. I guess the rain had washed all the scents away. DARN IT. I hate not being able to solve a crime for anyone... BUTT this really looks bad on my resume. I can't solve my own real life mystery. I hope it doesn't discourage any potential clients.
I have not had a new client in days and days. I am getting worried about my business. Maybe it is a result of the economic munch. I am still calling all clients.

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