Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addy and ME

A very much grrrreat little girl named Addy came to see me. This is her with her grandpa and me, oh and my dad, too.
I had a super duper time with Addy. We ate some very much good cheese together. I showed her some of my good tricks. My mom let her read my Vacula story and My Goose Egg story.
Then... I took her for a walk all around my yard. I showed her all my super stuff like my garden and then we came back and got my dad. That was so he could help her to know things about the important stuff in the yard. We took her down by the big tree and I showed her how to dig ground moles. Then I brought them back up the hill and showed her my hornet nest (it is empty now). Next I had dad hold her up so that she could see my baby bird in the bush. I let her see my really grrrreaat hole and how I dig in it. I had some other things to show her butt, she had to go to school. I wanted her to stay and play some more.
Addy's grandpa Mark is my dad's nephew. That makes Addy and I lickin cousins. I only did that one time though. he he he I hope she comes back soon.
I had my birthday party over the weekend. I got a new bat, ball, and glove, caws it is baseball season. I also chased some really big things in Lori's yard. I will have to tell you more when I get rested up from my trip.

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