Sunday, April 5, 2009

to do... or not to do, that is the question

After tasting Vegemite Sarge decided that it tasted like a nasty dog butt. My mate Barney lives in Australia. He had his mum bring some of this stuff when she came to Ohio to visit back in December. My mom and dad and I all TRIED to eat it butt.... yucky. Not our cup of tea.
In Australia everyone eats it (well, almost everyone... Barney's mum hates it.) It looks like axle grease and tastes very much salty and... gee. I don't know. I guess a salty nasty butt.
That brings me to today's question to do, or not to do. Should we be polite to our friend Barb and say that the Vegemite is good, or do we be honest with her and say we would rather never have that in our mouth again.
We all opted for the honesty version. It was made easier because Barb said that she didn't like it either.
We really appreciated the fact that she brought that stuff half way round the world just for us. She did that to satisfy our insatiable curiosity. What a very much thoughtful thing for a very much wonderful lady to do.
We wanted to share this interesting taste "treat" with Lori and Sarge when we went to visit. That was a very well traveled tube of Vegemite, let me tell you. Australia to Ohio, Ohio to Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania to... Gee, I don't know what Sarge did with it. I know what he didn't do though. he he he


Nibbles Treats said...

The honest approach is always the best. It didn't look to appealing from our angle either.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Yes, dear friends, I believe it is the best for all concerned. I just don't know why these two leggeds don't do it more often. Do you???