Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring time means Mushroom season here

These pictures are from Last Year. Can you see the sneaky mushroom?

Morels (our spring mushrooms) are very much hard to find. Dad went out today for a little bit between rains. He brought me one mushroom.
I love them. Especially when mom fries them all crispy. Yummmm.
My silly mom took it in her head to try to use that little mushroom to make me become a truffel dog. I played her silly game for a while. We were out on the NO sun porch. She would hide the mushroom and then I would find it. We did this over and over.
Mom was getting all happy and excited about the fact that I could find the mushroom really quick. He he he.... you know where this is going don't you??
I made mom get up and down and up and down and up and down to move that silly mushroom over and over. She thinks she was teaching me to sniff out mushrooms... I was really just giving her some much needed exercise. She is soooo easy to fool.
By Thursday the mushrooms will be up good and ready for us to go out and pick seriously. Mom is going to be all loosened up and ready. Stoop, pick, walk walk, stoop, pick, walk walk. Yep I am one fine little trainer. he he he


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
Those mushroom look really tasty. Your so nice to be your mom's trainer. When you go mushroom picking, she'll appreciate you even more.
We don't pick mushrooms here untill the fall.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Hey my sweet hotties. Mom doesn't like it when I bite the top off the mushrooms. I think it is very much funny though.
We get a funny kind of fungus that we pick in the fall. Mom calls them Puff Balls. They are white. We like them but not like the spring morels.
Love licks and wags X'2