Monday, April 20, 2009

Life is good

My mom came home. I was getting worried. It seemed like she was gone forever. She was very much glad to see me!!!
Of course she had to check everything out. She looked and sniffed and investigated every nook and cranny. You know how people do when they have been away from home forever. They just have to make sure everything is the way it should be.
She finally settled down to talk to me about my babysitting. She was very impressed with the job I did. She said that dad looked clean and brushed. She could tell that I had fed him well because she checked the wastebaskets and the dishwasher. She couldn't believe that I had made sure that all of his toys and stuff were picked up and that we had not left our room in a mess. The bed was not even torn up or chewed or anything. She was so proud of how well I managed to take care of dad that she gave me a bonus.
Now I have plastic to spend. I can't wait to get to my favorite store so I can spend some of it. I am rich again. Well, just a little bit rich. I like this feeling. I missed my mom, but if I got paid every time she left... I might not mind so much. he he he

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