Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Friends

These are my two new
friends. Ming Foo is a black Chow Chow.
Loki is a St. Bernard.

They were as tall as I was, except that was only when I was sitting on my chair. LOL
actually they are both HUGE!!! But they were as NICE as they were big. Ming Foo has a BLACK tongue. I know because I got licked with it. he he he
Loki is in training to become a Helper Dog. He will be helping his mistress (MOMMY) when she needs things carried, or if she falls. It is a BIG job but Loki will be grrrreat at it.
They came to my writers' group this week. Even though they aren't writers, like I am, they listened and did not cause any trouble. Sometimes we k-9's are just AMAZING.
Pee S. I didn't even fall off my chair when they came in. LOL


detroit dog said...

I suspect Ming Foo was attending incognito, and that he writes under an assumed name for a gossip column.

Frankie Furter said...

Oh yes! A Tattle TAIL column for the Daily Growl. Ming would SHAKE things up. Rolling in Gossip has to smell better than rolling in,,, he he he

Appalachian Woman said...

Dear Frankie,
Mommy helped write this - we love the picture with you our new friend. Ming says she will give you an extra kiss when she sees you - you loves her picture took! We are so glad you were at the writer's too and we can meet you, Mommy reads us your blog - you are a good writer!
We love stories, mommy reads to us alot, it makes us feel good to hear our people read out loud.
See you soon ok - we will come again!
pee s - we liked your 1st story on the blog today, mommy read it to us and we love the picture with the egg!

Loki and Ming Fou!