Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My new Doctor

This is my Doctor's office. It is called Brandywine Hospital for Pets. This is my new doctor. Her name is Dr. Jodi Houser. I think she is very much pretty and she was super duper nice to me. She wasn't afraid of me or anything.
I had a shot in my butt, and it didn't even hurt me. I was very much brave. I also had some medicine put in my NOSE. That was very much funny. I really liked the whole visit.

My dad put me on this very funny table. It told my Dr. how much I weigh. Butt I don't understand how it did that.

After we had my weight... Dr. Houser made the table go up in the air like an elevator. It was fun!!

This nice lady fixed my shots up. She also had to take out some of my blood. I was brave for that too. She made me feel safe. I love my doctor's office... unless they do that temperature thing..... oooohhhhh! That is very much not nice to do to little dachshunds.
I was surprised to have a new doctor. I am used to Dr. Hustey. I missed him. Now I guess I am really lucky because I have TWO doctors.
PEE. S. Did I tell you that I weighed 11.6 #'s ? It is all muscle and brains!!! he he he

PEE PEE. S. I put my dad's picture in her two times because... he won't let us take very many pictures of him. Got 'cha Dad !!!


Barb said...

Hi Frankie,
I love My Doctor also, his name is Dr Kym we call him Dr Kym because his wife's name is also Kim, they took care of me when my Mum was visting the USA, I had all my shots and things in December, I really like the photo of your Dad, he is a hard man to capture on film, but has a great smile. I love my vets office so much, that often my Mum has to pick me up and carry me past it, when on our morning walk, if we go that way, always lots of fun, except for the temperature thing, I do no like that either, It is nice to see a lot of my K-9 friends there, always lots of furry friends there, but sometimes it is sad, for they are sick.
I do not think I would like anything put in my nose, because I have a very short snout because I am a King Charles Spaniel, we all have very short noses, that makes us snore sometimes.
All over for another year mate.
Have a good day.

Frankie Furter said...

G'day Mate,
Dachshunds have very much long snouts. You should hear us snore!!! he he he
The stuff in my nose was not at all bad. It was just a tiny bit. It is easier for that kind of medicine, because if we get it in a shot... it stings a lot. This sniffy stuff doesn't.
Your Doctor must be wonderful. I think we are both lucky.
You are right about Dad's smile. I think he only uses it for me.

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We're glad you're A-ok.
Love Ruby & Penny