Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going into business

Okay!! I am going to do this thing. I am going to TRY my best to make a mystery story.
I have to have a character and a setting and a problem to solve and lots of other very much technical writer stuff. These mystery stories are not going to be easy to do. I have to put one paw out at a time. So I am thinking I need for this to be a Dachshund Detective story.

What do you think about this???

F. Oscar Dachshund
P. I.
(Private Insniffigator)

You got a problem?
Call Oscar
100- hereboy
Cash clients only!
OKAY now you know I am just kidding about the phone part. You all know I'm not allowed to use the phone. Not since that incident... waaay back then. SO, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, A MISSING TOY, UNEXPLAINED EMPTY BOWL, ARE LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL PERSON, OR ANY OTHER ODDITY THAT YOU NEED HELP WITH...... JUST POST YOUR PROBLEM ON THIS WEB SITE. I WILL DO MY DACHSHUND BEST TO HELP YOU OUT.
Pee S. Just kidding about the cash part. I would be happy with a donation to your local animal shelter.
F. Oscar's office is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!! Bring it on.


Frankie said...

Hi, Frankie! It's me, Frankie Mae! How's it going? I don't have any issues for you to investigate but I'll keep my nose to the ground and let you know if anything comes up! :) Frankie Mae

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Frankie Mae!! Soooo good to hear from you. I am actually glad that you don't have any problems. Perhaps you have some un-lucky friends though. Keep sniffin'.
Is it getting hot out there yet? I am going to have my first 80 degree days of the season tomorrow. Can't wait. Maybe my boat will be ready and we can go to the lake this weekend......
Take care sweet girl. Licks & Wags

detroit dog said...

So cool!

Quasar's nickname is "Mr. Q," and he is black-and-white (looks like he's wearing a tux with spats). Therefore, I call him "Undercover Dog"!

Good luck with business!

Frankie Furter said...

Hi there Detroit Dog (Quasar). Good to hear from you. Maybe Mr. Q. would be interested in starting a satellite office of my Dachshund Detective agency. (once I get enough clients, that is). That would be soo cool. We could get twice the donations for shelters. Licks & Wags