Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

This is my cousin Sarge. He is my human sister's dog. Trust me on this, I use the word dog loosely when referring to SARGE. He is really more like a furry tornado. He is very much a wild child. I know he looks a sweetness and light in this picture. But remember he was on MY pontoon boat at the time and I had already threatened to make him walk Cap'n Frankie's Plankie if he didn't knock off his cat crap behaviors. That is the only reason he was looking like a well behaved member of my crew. So anyway, I went in my toy room a little bit ago to get some very much important source of amusement, and that is when I saw the box of STUFF. I inspected it throughly and there was not a thing in there that a self respecting dachshund would be interested in. In other words, it was full of stuff mom has been gathering for months. Stuff that she wants to force off on Lori and Stan. Because of the bad weather we have not seen Lori since November. That means that she is about to get dumped on when... I AM THROWN INTO JENNIFER AND TAKEN TO SARGE'S HOUSE FOR A ??? visit ??? Mom and Dad may call this trip a VISIT but I call it misery. I am going to have to put up with Sarge for days and days and days and days. I wish to the Keeper of Little Dachshunds that I had not seen that stupid box. It is just adding anticipation to the actual fact. I won't have my toys, garden, mice, chipmunks, or my 'cliner chair for.... E V E R !!! I will have to stay in my "playpen" for hours and hours and hours because Sarge picks on me, and sometimes tries me make me be his "riding toy". He is one sick pup, let me tell you. I haven't even left yet and I WANT TO COME HOME.
I can't wait to get back to you so I can tell you more about VACULA or maybe even Vacshopula. Tuesday!!! How many years away IS Tuesday, anyway??? xxxxooooxoxoxo


Nibbles Treats said...

Wow. Wouldn't want to be in your shoes. He sounds a like he is a little too rowdy for us. If you need help, send out the S.O.S.!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Thanks Guys !!! I appreciate that. I wouldn't wish this big bully on anydog. Anydog is my new word. It works like anyone does for humans,don't you think?
Oscar, can Tucker and Tinkerbell read dachshund??? he he he
You must have your own room like I do. I call mine "the toy room" because... I refuse to sleep in there.
Butt when Sarge comes HERE to visit he has to go in there when he sleeps at night or when he has to have TIME OUT !!!!

Frankie said...

Uh-oh. Be careful! Do you have to be locked in a dog crate? Maybe you'll get some extra treats when it's over!

Barb said...

Dear Frankie,
I think you are so very brave, first you have to go in Jennifer, then put up with Sarge, at least you will get to snif some new things in their woods, I think it a shame that Auntie Linda did not teach Sarge to be a good dog, Maybe you sound call out the national guard or something, Very smart and small dachshounds should not have to put up with this.
I will be thinking of you, My Mum still has me on stavation rations, so I just walk faster every morning, I am in trouble again, I thought I would try a new trick, but it did not work. Mum made some cup cakes and when she was not looking I ate the paper it still had some crumbs on it, I am very much in the dog house, but she will forgive me soon.
Have a safe trip to the Mountains.
Do not say hello to Sarge for me, I do not think I would like him much either.
Licks and Wags from your mate

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Frankie Mae, I have to stay in a crib when Sarge is in the house with me. Otherwise he bullies me around. So I stay in there and mock him because he gets all upset. It is actually very much funny for me to watch. I actually love the crib. It keeps me safe and Sarge away. Mom packed 3 chew bones. Two for me One for HIM. he he he
It was 77 degrees here today. How hot was it in Arizona?
Talk with you in a few days.
Licks and Wags

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
Try to have a good time on your vacation. It could be worse, mom could leave you with the Grinch or in a kennel.
See you soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

G'day Barney, my mate. So good to hear from you. Soooo sorry that you got caught with the cupcake paper. You're right though, she will forgive you, bepaws you are so darned handsome.
I promise not to say Hi to Sarge for you, butt I will say Hi to Lori from your mum.
Get this one, I have been saving up that cat crap Vegemite stuff. I am going to get my mom to stick some of that stuff in Sarge's mouth !!!! HE HE HE
I know you and your mum are laughing like crazy right now!!! I am truly a bad to the bone boy, aren't I. I am going to have mom try to get a picture of Sarge with that VEGEMITE poop stuff. If I do, I will send it to you in a special email. My tail is all in a twitch just thinking about it.
Yuck that stuff tasts awful.
Sarge deserves it!!!
This is the very much grrreat part of this. Mom is taking that leg of LAMB for us to have while we are there. YUMMMMY. Mom is also going to teach Lori to make your famouse bubble and squeak!!! I'm going to bring the Lamb bones home with me too!!!
Licks & wags and lots of wiggles from your mate.

Frankie Furter said...

Helllo Ruby and Penny, How are my wimmen today?
You are such bright things. I should be counting my blessings. I can't even begin to think what it would be like to have to stay with Jim the Grinch Guy. He would never let me out to pee. Fawn Tell would not be able to keep me safe from all the stuff he might do to me.
Gosh, girls you just may have given me an idea for a whole new dachshund Horror series. I could tell all the stuff that would happen if I Jim the Grinch Guy babysat me. OH FART! I AM SCARED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!!!
Licks and Wags from your ever luvin' studmuffin