Thursday, March 5, 2009

After the bruhaha

Yesterday we had to have a big old family meeting about those things I said at my writer group meeting. Dad came to my defense. He told mom that I was just repeating things that he had let me hear about. So now dad is the one who is really in that doghouse thingy. He has had to promise not to let me watch those kind of shows on the television anymore.

It really helped my case with mom when my new girlfriends posted saying that they liked being called hotties and that they thought I really am a studmuffin. Thanks girls. You're the best. So dad made a big point of saying that since they were okay with it mom should just relax and except the fact that I am not a puppy any more.

Mom cried and said, "Oh, they grow up so fast."

When the meeting was over my ears hurt from all that yelling, but at least I was no longer grounded. Dad took the worst of it. He now has some sort of "block" thing set up on his den TV. And has promised to be a more responsible parent. He had to promise to explain things much better. Mom said it was his JOB to teach me the facts of life and stuff. Heck, I didn't know people had a job after they retired. See, I keep learning new things all the time.

Mom has agreed not to treat me like a pup and to let me have my girlfriends. YES!!!!

All I had to do was promise to make my paw-la-gee to the writers, and try to think before a write. I am not to be too explicit, but do have permission to say Penny and Ruby are babes and hotties. I also had to promise not to brag about being a studmuffin.

It was a long rough meeting, but worth it in the end. I get to keep my WIMMEN.

Once it was all over I had to take a two hour nap. I admit it was filled with dreams of those gorgeous girls and all the stuff we are going to be writing about. Ahhhhh I wish you could have enjoyed the dreams with me. Growing up might be hard to do, but I think it is worth it. he he

Baseball season is coming. I love to play ball !!!


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Studmuffin Frankie
We are glad you got off the grounding. Hope your ears are ok.
How old are you, we are 1.5 years old? We're Teenagers.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Hi girrrls, My heart goes pitty pat just looking at your picture. I am going to be 3 at the end of May. I know this age thing was brought up yesterday. Mom says that you are too young. Something about jailbait. I think that means that if I talk you into doing something bad...I could be taken to the animal shelter. So, I promise not to get us in trouble. OKAY? Fun stuff but nothing bad. I think that is the responsible thing for me, since I am older and supposed to be wiser.
It is warmer here today. Dad and I got the 4-wheeler out. He took me for a ride around the house. Do you still have snow?
Love Licks & Wags from your Studmuffin

lady jicky said...

Geez Frankie, I little guy misses a couple of posts and YOU get into mucho trouble with ya Mum and YOU have Hottie girlfriends to boot! Wow --- I don't care what the writing class says or faints away too - you MUST be a Studmuffin and I am going to take notes!!! he, he.
Oh mate - would you love puppy class - hey- they are too young for you there Frankie! Anyhoo, I have my eye on Jackie the Jack Russell , she is black and white and pretty. Loves a game and can run like the wind. There are some pretty Cav King Charles girls but Frankie, they are so shy , they don't join the playtime and keep to themself. Thats cool, I come up and give them a kiss but they still stay with their Mums.
Well Frankie , you keep your eye on those two shelia's just incase some other dog whisks them off - they sound sort of "fresh" and they are teenieboppers and Ruby and Penny might break your heart! Treat them mean to keep those two keen Frankie! He, he.
See ya!

Frankie Furter said...

Good job mate. It didn't take you but a couple of classes and you have found yourself a girlfriend too. I know about your calling her (Jackie) a sheila. That is what you in Oz call all females, right?
At least you get to see Jackie in person, I can only do blogtalk with my girls. Sigh.
Does she have a grrrreat smell? Have you taken her any snacks? Does she wear bows and stuff? You lucky bloke.
I surely do wish that Henry was going to be around a bit more. I have a feeling that the three of us could have some fine discussion about this PuppyLove stuff. We could share info and advise.
Maybe I need to devote one day a week to Love Issues. I have a feeling that these girl dogs are a complicated lot.

Henry the Dog said...

Frankie - did you know that bruhaha is a French word? I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling, my dictionary isn't to hand, but it is definitely French. I'm so glad you got it sorted with your folks. You are are a big boy now - getting into your prime. Your mom's just gonna have to get used to it. It took my mum some time too before she realised I was no longer Baby Henry xxx

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Henry, Yikes, I can barely speak this crazy English stuff, now you say I am speaking French???
Mom always laughs and says she knows French words.
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I am not even sure about the spelling of those words. Heck, I just learned yesterday that it isn't WIMMEN. Who would have thought that these insane people would spell it WOMEN. I like my way better. I think I may just keep it. I forgot to tell you the other day that in that pic. with the Budda Guy... you were really showing off your buns of steel. he he he