Friday, February 13, 2009

wind is gone

My friend helped me to buy a Growlin Times Day card for my mom and dad. I could not be in the picture with it. They are going to be very much surprised because they don't know they are going to get this card. I want them to know how very much I love them. I just don't understand how this Growlin Time Thing works. Growling does not mean love to dachshund. People just get things all turned around sometimes. Sort of like how the wind yesterday turned everything around in my yard.

Woooowie did we ever have some awful wind for two days. I very much did not like it. It took dad and I three hours to put things back where they belonged. My big brush pile was blown all apart and some of the best parts were clear down over the hill. I am very much glad things are quiet and back to normal now.

Today my dad went with Jim the Grinch Guy to get our hog butchered by Merle the Marvelous Meat man. He will be gone most of the day. I had my mom bake two pies for them to eat with their lunch. I even sent Merle the Marvelous a Growlin Time Day Card, but not one for that Grinch Guy. he he he That will teach him to be so mean all the time. After dad spends all day with the Grinch he will come home and be acting just like that guy. It will take me days to get him re-trained to be nice again. Maybe his Growlin Times Day card will help get him back to normal a little faster. I very much hope so.

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