Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gizmo and the Grinch guy

My mom and I went to the city today and when she was pumping gas, my friend Gizmo's mom saw her. They did a lot of talking stuff. Gizmo is my friend from the Lake. He has a pontoon boat that is berthed by mine. Gizmo's mom said that he had been very much bad lately. You won't believe this, Gizmo tore up his mom's favorite chair!!! I think I know why he did it. It is a combination of... missing his boat and lake, and Jim the Grinch Guy. Winter time our boats are in dry dock. They have to stay there for a very much long number of days. Way too many days to suit Gizmo and I. Then, I will just bet, that Jim the Grinch has put one of his evil spells on poor little Gizmo.

While mom and I were in town, my dad had to go to Merle the Marvelous Meat Man's house. They were butchering a hog for Clifford the not big red dog guy. I love Merle the Marvelous. He sent me a very much good kidney. Mom will cook it for me tomorrow. She is also going to bake a grape and a mincemeat pie for Merle the Marvelous. That is because Merle is a very much great guy.

Jim the Grinch guy was with dad today, and he will be there on Friday when Merle the Marvelous butchers MY hog. That is why mom has to make the pies. Merle loves pies. If Jim the Grinch guy gives Merle a hard time.... Merle won't let him have any pie. He He He.

My dad says that Jim the Grinch said today, "Fawn Tell cooked my ham too long, and made it like shoe leather." If Fawn Tell finds out he said that... ouch.
P.S. After that awful experience yesterday, when mom did not take me to her meeting... I made dachshund sure that I did not get left behind today. I surprised mom by running down the steps to the den and sitting right at the door to the garage. Jennifer the Jeep lives in the garage. When mom opened the door... I ran right to Jennifer's door and sat down waiting for her to help me in !!!!!! I was very much brave !!!! Mom was proud of me.


Rita's Write said...

Wow, Frankie...

You actually wanted to get into Jennifer. Congratulations.

I will see you this evening for play practice. Your mom is driving me there so I don't get lost...


Frankie Furter said...

Okay !!! I love to sit on your lap !!!! I hope Dee has cheese for me. Maybe I will get to see Freckles this time. Unless she is going to pee on something. Dee doesn't like that much I think. I won't pee on Dee's things though. I am a GENTLEdachshund. he he he