Monday, February 9, 2009

Weird Holiday

First let me tell you that growling is a very much RUDE thing to do. No nice dachshund growls unless it is because they are afraid of something.
So why would any one ever celebrate growling???
That is what people are getting ready to do on Saturday. I just don't understant why people would send cards and flowers and candy and then wish them HAPPY GROWLIN' TIME Day. It is just rude to growl and no one should do it when they are Happy! It is just weird weird weird, I say. We should be polite and avoid growlin' at all cost. Now I do understand why my mom and dad would want to be happy and celebrate on February 14th. because it is a very much special day for them. It is the day that they adoped each other 40 years ago. They call it their anniversary day. They almost never growl at each other. I am certainly not going to be growlin' at anyone on Saturday. I prefer to lick and wag and just love everybody. I wish everyone felt like I do.

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Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo are you OKAY, mate? We just keep hearing more and more terrible stories about the Australian wild fires. One report said that there are about 150 deaths. How very scary and sad. I hope that you are safe. I am also worried about my mate Barney. Mom has not heard anything from his mum in over 2 weeks. She is still vacationing here in the states, maybe she has not had access to a computer.
To both my Aussie mates, stay safe.