Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jim the Grinch Guy

That darned Jim the Grinch Guy is at it again. He is trying to trick everyone into buying him Christmas presents again I think. I went down the road with mom and dad yesterday (in Jennifer the Jeep) and just guess what I saw at the Grinch Guy's house. He still has his Christmas decorations up and it is almost Growlin' Time Day. Can you believe that? He is just a trickster that is all. Don't pay any attention to him. It is NOT time to give him Christmas gifts again already. He should be ashamed and he should also get those Lights and Santa Paws hat down. Keeping them up all year long is NOT the way to get his decorating done before MY DAD does. It just won't count.

I hope my Australian mates Barney and Kenzo are OKAY. There have been terrible fires and awful heat there. I am very much worried about my mates. Barney's mum is going to be going home to OZ today. I know that Barney will be very much glad to see her. I would not ever want my mom to go away and leave me for two months.


lelite59 said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Especially your writings about Jim the Grinch Guy. See, I know him very well and you describe him perfectly. Actually you live between his house and mine. Ask your Mom, I bet she could tell you who I am. Oh, the Christmas light thing....don't look too closely at my house....it runs in the family. LOL Thanks for the laughs.

Frankie Furter said...

Hi there lelite59, My mom made that esplain thing. Oh my, you poor thing. I just don't know how you and the Fawn Tell lady put up with him. Fawn Tell is very much wonderful. I went for a very long ride with her once and she was sooo nice to me. She even checked to see if I needed to make a pee.
Mom says that the Grinch is going to have a birthday on Growlin' Time day. I can only assume that it will make him even more grouchy and Grinch like.
He has already made one of his big old threats on my mom. He says he is going to come to my house and say a bunch of his poopy stuff about her again. I just hope I have not been outside for a while before he gets here. That way I will have some ammunition. I a going to pee on his foot. he he he. Shhhhh! No telling him though.

lady jicky said...

Hi Frankie , its Kenzo. Not good here let me tell you. Fires are still going and the death toll is now 180!

Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo, my little mate. I am so very much glad to hear that you are safe. I was worried that you might be in the area where the fires are. It is just terrible. It has been on our news two or three times a day. I feel just awful. I did find out that my other mate, Barney is safe from the fires, too. Licks, Wags, and Wiggles