Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talking about spring

On the news this morning
they were talking about getting ready to plant gardens. I was very much glad to hear this kind of talk. I know my dad
will be excited to get
started with this work. he he he We all three like to dig in the dirt. I guess having had dachshunds for years and years they learned to love the finer things in life.
Because there is supposed to be some snow and poopy old ice today, we went to the store yesterday. I could not believe what I saw when I went down the road. That Jim the Grinch Guy might have taken down his Christmas Lights, but he didn't take down all his decorations!!! This is just one more example of what he is really like. Just when I thought he was getting better... Poor Fawn Tell. I don't know how she puts up with him.
My mom says that even though her name sounds like Fawn Tell when people say it, that is not the way I should put the letters together to make her name. Well, I like it this way and I am not going to change it. I think she is nice like a fawn would be. So, I don't care what mom says. Fawn Tell is going to be Fawn Tell and that is that. So there, Mom.
I keep putting up pictures of the vases. This one shows just how big there are compared to a person. I loved having all the vases in our little town during our Art Walk weekend last summer. That was a one and only exhibition though. There are only five that actually stayed in our town permanently. I wish they could have all stayed though.

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