Friday, February 20, 2009

Its coming again

Yuck, the weatherman just said that I am going to get snowed on again. I don't understand why this has to happen. I very much hate it. That is the bad news. I do have some good news though.
My mate Barney is finally back at his home in Australia. He was staying in a very much fun place that had horses, kids, and dogs while his mum was here visiting. Barney got put on a diet and lost 10 pounds and... one collar. He sent me an email today and said that he really had a lot of fun but missed his mum something fierce. He did say that he had learned some grrrreat tricks while he was away. He learned to jump on furniture and... steal his mum's bisquit (cookie) while she was not looking. he he he He is very much proud of that trick. I have missed my emails with Barney. Glad he is home.

I hope he got to sniff some really grrrreat horse poop.

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