Friday, February 6, 2009

Seeing art work tonight

I am on a porcupine theme. Yesterday was a real one, today is this very much cute and original piece of art. This porcupine was made of different types of metal things.
His face is a garage door hinge, his legs are concrete reinforcing bars, his tail is the spout from and oil can, and his prickly body was made of a chimney cleaning brush. The best part of the whole thing is that this was all conceived by an artist who is completely blind. Amazing isn't it?
My mom loved it so much that she bought it and gave it to my "sister" Lori's husband for his birthday last year. You will remember that it is in Lori's tree where yesterday's porky picture was taken. So this porkey is just perfect for sitting on their front porch. This picture was taken during last year's ART WALK in our little town. Mom made a sneaky quiet deal with the artist so Lori wouldn't try to buy the porky herself. he he he It ended up being a very much big surprise when we delivered it to Pennsylvania. I like that kind of stuff.

Tonight is First Friday art gallary tour. It is held the first Friday of every month in a city near where I live. Mom says they will have cheese snacks, by the way. I have to go because the story I wrote about one of the paintings will be read. My friend Paul will do the reading, because he knows how shy I am. I do the writing, but not the public speaking. It will be very much exciting for me. I am thinking of wearing my tuxedo. Mom says no, it is a very casual thing, but I want to dress up very much handsome for my artist.
I know where my tuxedo is. I just can't reach that high up. I think I can talk my dad into getting it down for me. He is easy for me to teach things to. he he he
I am going to insist that mom takes her camera. I'll do my best to get a good picture of my artist and her painting. Maybe even my friend Paul. I am very much excited about all of this.


lady jicky said...

G'day Frankie - darn hot and the winds are picking up. Not good for the folks in the country as fire can just rip right through!
I love that porcipine statue and to think the artist is blind!
I have had a little "think' and if you can't wear the tux - maybe Mum will let you put on a beret? Sort of artsy looking for that meeting - make sure you are near the cheese table.
Well - I am off to the Vet for the second injection this morning and I will keep my fuilds up so I can PEE everywhere!!! Great idea!
See Ya!

Frankie Furter said...

Yea! Now that you got that nasty poke thing you will be able to go everytwhere and be safe.
I did get to wear my tux!!! I just put my paw down and mom finally went to the closet and got it. You will see me in it tomorrow!!!
Tell your mum to give you a nice big bowl of warm milk. It will help to keep your stick poke place from being sore... and make plenty of pee for your mums plants and shrubs. Double duty. he he

lady jicky said...

Its so hot here Frankie - we are ringing with bushfires and its the hottest day in recorded history - 119.5 F!!!.
Kenzo is not so good - he is hot and I think his injection is giving him a hard time. Of course - its saturday so the Vet is not there now.
We have an emergency vet a couple of suburbs over so if he gets worse - off we go with him in this shocking heat!