Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Story about a Painting

This is Sue Hall. She is an artist. This is one of her favorite pictures. She painted it many years ago. That is her husband coming back from watering all of her beautiful flowers for her. I think that was a very much wonderful and loving thing for him to do, don't you? This is the painting that I wrote my story about. Tonight mom took me to the First Friday gallery hop so that I could have my story read for Sue. You know that I am too shy to read my things sooooo my very good friend Paul said that he would read most of the story and mom could read the parts where I had Sue talking. Sue let me sit on her lap while they read. There were a lot of people there. They got quiet and listened while Paul and mom read. You will not believe this part.
When they finished reading... the people all CLAPPED for Sue's Painting. Isn't that GRRREAT!
Something else happened too. They had some very much good CHEESE, and I got a bunch of it. Yummy. I want to say a very much BIG BIG Thank you to Paul for reading my story for me. Licks and Wags to you PAUL!!!! You are a GRRRREAT guy.

I got to see a whole bunch of the people who are in my writing groups. That made me feel good. I was having my story read in front of some people that I know. They are always so nice to me. I am a very much lucky dachshund.

I think that this was the very best night of my whole life.


Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo, my mate. It was on our news again this morning that you are having 114 degree f. temps. again. They said that in the southern part of your country there had been 14 deaths due to the wild fires. I am so sad for you and all the people in your country. I hope it cools down for you soon.
Don't forget to do your part. he he he (pee pee pee).

Dachshund lover said...

Frankie you are amazing. You look so handsome in your tuxedo. You must have been so proud to have your writing presented to all of those artists and art lovers. You certainly do have a lot of very good friends. Are you going to do this once a month? Can you post your story? I think your readers would love to read it.

Frankie Furter said...

Dachshund Lover, Thank you for your comments. The writer groups will do readings every other month. Next month we will go to another gallery and choose what we want to write about then in April we will do our readings. At least that is how I understand the process. I don't know if we are supposed to post our writings on the web or not. There are some issues with possible future publication of our work if we would put it on the net now. Some of the writers plan to have their work published. If you post on the web some publishers will not take it. Complicated and rather silly.
Perhaps I could email it to you. I know I shouldn't do this but I am going to take a chance. Mom will be very much mad at me for putting my email address up here. I hope I don't get any bad stuff or do something to my YapStop computer. If you really want to read my story send me an email

I am crossing my paws in hopes that no bad people will bother with me. After all, I am just a little dachshund.