Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Today is President's Day. I am hoping that this will be the day that President Obama calls me to say he wants me in his cabinet. I want to be the Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. I am sure you remember that. I'm also sure that you know how many animals are not taken care of the way the should be. I will work tirelessly (around my nap times, of course) to find ways to ensure that all animals are tended to in safe and loving ways. They all have feelings and needs that should not be neglected.
When you have a dream, you are supposed to visualize yourself in that situation. That is why I keep putting my picture of me in mom's cabinet. Today her cabinet...tomorrow, Obama's. he he he

I want to encourage people to donate food to animal shelters. I will be giving another bag of food to the shelter at the end of this month.


lady jicky said...

Maaaate - did you get the call???

I think he should snap you up before you take on the writing group!

The death toll is 200 and they think there will be more. We still have some fires still burning and all of Melbourne has been covered in smoke. Not so hot but its been very warm. Still no rain and that is a Huge problem Frankie.
OK - I can hear the food bowl moving !
See Ya!

Frankie Furter said...

G'day mate,
No call yet. I guess he is just very much busy. I just know he will get to me soon. I have my paws crossed.
Oh my, 200 lost. That is just terrible. My mum and I are so very sorry.
I am glad that it has cooled down a bit for you.
Hey, I know that wonderful yummy sound, too. he he he
Later ! F.F.