Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katlin, I did this for your mom

I am just checking to see if I can cut and paste into my Blog.
Hey Katlin, look what I did just for your mom. Well, my mom did help me a little bit.
I wish I could have talked to you last night when mom talked to your mom and dad. I'm not allowed to use the phone any more. There was an 'incident' and now I am grounded from the phone. Aloha , Frankie

Wow! It worked. Now that I found out that I can do this, I will be able to let you read some of the things that I write for my groups. You know, my writing homework assignments.

Here is my Poem

Puppy Love
I went to the park one day.
I went there just to play.

I didn't dream that I'd find,
A sweet girl to fill my mind.

Her ears were short and they stuck up,
Darn, ws she a darling pup.

Her hair was white and a bit wiry.
I approached slowly, and made my inquiry.

"You surely have a cute face.
Want to find something to chase?"

We sniffed each other then raced around.
I believed my soul mate had been found.

While in that park, as we romped and tarried,
Our people met, and later married.
by Frankie Furter Price

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