Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post # 100 Wowie

These are some examples of Sue Hall's work. She is a wonderful artist. On the Left is one of the 6' tall vases that are located all around our area. On the right is a painting of a tree that Ms. Hall did then turned it into a QUILT which is hanging on the right side of the photograph. Just look how much her quilt looks like her painting. My mom took these pictures at our town's Art Walk last June.

Now that you have seen a little sample of her can see how very much nervous I am to be writing a story based on one of her pictures. This is a big big assignment for a little dachshund. I am very much worried that I won't be able to do the picture justice. I'll let you know when I get it finished.

I still have not heard from Pres.-Elect Bark O'Momma. I guess he is really busy right now. I am sure that he will get around to making me Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. I really want to get into his cabinets. I'll bet they are just stuffed full of Cheese.

Today my friend Barney's mum is going to visit me. Barney is still in Australia. Just his mum came to visit her friends here. We are going to have roast leg of lamb. Barney's mum loves lamb and has not had even a tiny bite of it since she left Australia, over a month ago. After we eat and visit and I let her hold me on her lap and stuff like that, we are all going to my audition for the Pirate Play. I am going to try for the part of CAP'N DOUBLOON. I will spend a lot of my time on..... THE POOP DECK. he he he


lady jicky said...

Hi Frankie! I do hope you have had a nice slice of roast lamb by now. Nooo - no poo on the side either!

Now I have to say - I thought there was two paintings in that photo but I was shocked the right side was a quilt! WOW its good!
I can see you are a busy little guy and you want to take on politics too! Oh Frankie - I saw your soon to be new Pres. on our TV and he was - I do not know how to tell you this but ---- here goes - he was eating a HOT DOG! Yes a weenier dog! If you do go into politics make sure if the Pres. is around he has already eaten!
One more thing Frankie - no joking - tell Mum to stop giving you the corn cobs. The RSPCA tells people to stop giving dogs corn cobs becaue many are chewed and swallowed and have to be surgically removed , that is , if the dog hasn't already died of suffercation. Sorry Mr F but I shuddered when I saw it in your sweet mouth. Stick to the Lei flowers and dream of mai tai cocktails on the beach big boy! LOL

Frankie Furter said...

Lady Jicky, I did know about that hidious act of cannibalism. As soon as he brings me into his cabinet, as secretary of Animal Care and Protection, I am going to start work on stamping out that barbaric act. Not to worry, I only nibble off those delicious kernals of corn. I just use the cob to carry the good stuff around on. he he he. I did have some of the lamb. It was very much good. Barb brought me some vegemite. I didn't think that was too good though. Sorry, I know you Aussies just love it. Not Barb though. Sniffs and Wags to Oscar. I will think positive thoughts for him.