Monday, January 12, 2009

Company from Australia

Yesterday we had company. It was Barney's mum. She is visiting here from Australia. I like her very much.

She is a very cleaver lady. One time my mom sent her some just plain old pictures and Barb turned them into something very much great. She put them into these frames. This is my mom, my "sister Lori", and my dad.

As you can see I don't look anything like my family. That is because I am adopted.

Because Barb loves lamb that is what we had for dinner last night. I liked it, but Barb was in heaven. She really misses her favorite food. Barb is not like us, she does not like deer (venison). She did try it though, when she was here 3 years ago.

Barb brought us something called Vegemite. That is something that most Aussies just love to put on toast in the morning. Barb is an exception. She told us she thinks it looks (and tastes) like axel grease. I liked it, mom and dad... not so much.

I still have not heard anything about my cabinet job. Barak must be busy trying to pick out a new dog for his little girls. He'll get to me soon, I am sure.

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