Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of every bad thing...

When I thought about this mean old hawk killing my birds I was angry. Then I thought about the mice he also eats. As you know, I hate mice. I am happy that he eats those. He can't catch enough to survive, so he has to eat a bird now and then. Out of every bad thing, GOOD THINGS COME.
That makes me think about the plane that just crashed in the Hudson River. A really bad thing. But out of that, we have heard some wonderful things. The pilots of that plane were very well trained. They were very smart men. And guess what..... They were EDUCATED IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS. You know, those schools that are always being complained about. The same ones that people say are not doing a good job of preparing children for their future Hummmmm. Then there were the people who designed and built that plane. You know, the plane that was so well engineered and built..... that it was able to stand up to that kind of crash...... Guess where they were educated ? In AMERICAN SCHOOLS. Our schools must be doing something right. Not one person died in that crash. Why? Because a lot of people were well educated and prepared to do their job. I am pretty proud of my mom's profession right now.
So out of this bad thing a good thing came. It gave us, as AMERICANS, a chance to say that we can and do produce well educated and very capable people.
My mom taught school for a very much long time. She keeps saying that the bad things that are said about schools and those who teach children are all wrong !!!! I am glad that I had a chance to write this just to prove her correct.
Now, I am going to ask you for another favor, if you hear ANYONE put down our schools or our teachers..... set them straight!!! Tell them this story of educational success.


lady jicky said...

I think the pilot was wonderful to get that big plane in the Hudson!
Yes, we get that same "teachers!" here in Australia too.
I adore that photo. Was it a really cold day?

Frankie Furter said...

Yes, Lady J., It has been colder in the last two weeks than it has been in the last 10 years. My mom wants to know what has happened to this global warming stuff. Tomorrow it is supposed to be even colder. No warmer than 10 degrees above zero f..