Saturday, January 31, 2009

Borrrrrrring !

I am still waiting for my call from Pres. Obama. I am continuing to promote myself for the position of Sec. of Animal Care and Protection. I have kept my resolution. I used to let my supper spoil in the bowl at least four nights every week. I have not done that one time since I promised to stop wasting food. Mom let me buy that 50 # bag of food and helped me take it to the animal shelter. We did that on Monday... just ahead of this awful snow and ice storm. I am really glad that I did that. I like to think that it meant the difference between comfort and starving for those poor dogs. Once the storm hit no one else would have been able to drive there to make a donation. We also bought corn and sunflower seeds for my bird feeders. That was a good move also. We would have run out of both by now if we had not gotten it when we did.
Now that is all good news, here comes the bad news. I am so tired of not being able to play my normal outside games. I miss my time in my brushpiles. I am sick and tired of my toys. I can't think of any new games to keep mom and dad busy. This is all very stressful.
Dad is getting grouchy because he can't get outside and do his thing... whatever that is. I tried to get him to play a fun new game that I came up with using a very much good rope toy. He wouldn't even give it a good chance.
Mom isn't doing much better. I thought I could get a bit of exercise for her by asking for snacks. She just got up and went to the snack bar and got a big handful of them and threw them on the carpet for me. Then she sat back down and started reading her stupid book again. She wouldn't get back up even though I called and called for her to come to me.
I think we three are all depressed and bored. We have a very much big case of CABIN FEVER. It is bad enough that.... I wouldn't even complain about getting in Jennifer Jeeep. We need to get out and go somewhere. Maybe the grocery store. I am going to tell mom and dad that we just need to get out but be very careful. I certainly hope that that ground hog does NOT see his shadow. That will mean that there will only be six more weeks of this awful winter.

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lady jicky said...

Frankie mate, can you get Cabin Fever in the heat? I am not allowed out in the hot weather - sort of reverse your snowy weather.
I wish we could get together and have a game indoors but....
Never mind , our weather will change one day.
See Ya!