Monday, December 15, 2008

Mom's letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

Its me again, Frankie Furter. Do you remember me? I hope so.

This is not a letter about me though. This is for my mom. I think she is just too shy to write a letter to you, so I am going to do it for her.

My mom has been very much good this year. She has helped me with stuff like garden work and brushpile issues. She always remembers to put my supper out. She never lets my water bowl be empty. She always drives me to places that I have to go. Even when gas cost a bone and a snack.

My mom really needs something for her very own. She needs it very much. My mom needs her very own computer. Right now she has to share one with me. That means when she has something important to do, she has to wait and wait until I am finished. That is not fair for her.

If you would bring a new (no MOUSE, please) computer to me, I would be able to give my old one (that does have a mouse) to my mom. She wouldn't care that it is old and used and slow and has a mouse. She would just be so happy to have one of her very own.

So, you dear Old Shelf, please bring me that NO MOUSE computer. The one that can be on the floor easy for me to work. That way,I will have a very much good gift to give my mom.

Don't forget to look for your MILK GLASS, and your COOKIE PLATE.

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