Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was Santa Paws !!!

Yesterday I did my biggest best thing ever!!! I had my mom take me to Pet Smart so I could buy something very special. I used of my gift card money (that I won for being in the play) to buy food for poor and hungry dogs. I wanted to be like Santa Paws and give things away.
Then Mom took me to this awful place called the Animal Shelter that is in New Lexington. I could hear all of the really sad dogs crying. I just felt terrible for them. I am embarrassed about not knowing that there are sad, hungry, homeless, ones. I have always just thought about myself and what I want. How can I feel so good one second, and so bad the next?
I am glad that I gave them that bag of food. I think they must need even more. I am going to try very much hard for the next play. If I win again, I will give to dogs who have nothing.
Now I am embarrassed about wanting a computer with no mouse. At least I have one that I can share with my mom who loves me so much.
I am a very much lucky dachshund.


Anonymous said...

Good job Frankie! I'm glad you were able to use the gift certificate to perpetuate the season of giving. I think Walker may want to use his allowance the same way now.

Dachshund lover said...

Frankie, That was such a wonderful thing for you to have done with your hard earned gift card. You are an inspiration to dachshunds everywhere.