Saturday, April 17, 2010

NOT Silent Today....

Hi Everybuddy,
Wowie do I ever have stuffs to tell you about today. Furst... Tonight is Twix's Date Night... SOOOOOO you gotta get your moms and dads on the move. Tell them that you need your teefs brushed and a BAFF! Can't have any eye boogies or... (gasp) dingleberries when you go out with your bestest boy or girrrl furends, RIGHT??? Can't have yucky teefs or snarlies in your furs either. Gotta put your best paw forward.
Now... for MY big ANNOUNCEMENT... I WON !! Yes, that's right I won the mostest amazing thingy ever. I am going to get my picture PAINTED on a SIGN ! Can you believe it??? You know how I just LOVE a SIGN !!
My furends from pulled my name out of the big pile of names that were in a hatbox thingy!!!! I think there were about 87 other names in the drawing butt I just got really lucky!!!
If you would like to see a sample of what it will look like (or maybe even have one made) you can go to paintingsbysandyDOTetsyDOTcom there are some really grrrreat thingys to be seen there.
Holy Cow!!! Can you even believe this grrrreat thingy??
Between thinking about spending the evening with my beautiful girrrls.. Ruby and Penny, and winning my painting... I could hardly even sleep last night.
Thanks again for picking my name.... See everybuddy tonight at Twix's place!!!! SIGH Sigh
So now the last thingy I have to tell you about is this... It is really grrrreat news from the Lake!
Yesterday my dad called Skip the boat sitter guy, and he says my Lady L is set to go back on the lake TODAY!!! Of course, I won't be going to see her until maybe Sunday afternoon or even Monday, beclaws... I expect I will be very much tired after Date Night.
When we go to the boat... I make mom and dad call me... Cap'n Frankie, beclaws it IS my boat afterall. I can't wait to get out there and get some wind in my Furs.


Mango said...

Frankie! Good luck with your big date!



Oh Frankie!! I am so excited!! I can't wait for tonight and tomorrow too. 2 days with my Tiger.

We will be there with bells on!!

Can't wait to meet up and your girls.


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We guess that boat will be ours after we get married. We can be your first mates, butt we would like to try out the captain hat, now & them. You're ok with that, right?
See you tonight.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - we look & smell great after our baths.

Frankie Furter said...

Dear Ruby and Penny, Yes !! Of course... once we get married EVERYTHING I own will be yours. The boat, the 4-wheeler, the SWING, the yard thingys, the whole yard, and all of my toys, along with my HEART, WILL BE ALL YOURS TOO!!!
See you tonight sweeties.
Love X's 2

Dory and the Mama said...

Wow, date night AND the boat is ready. Sounds like your weekend is shaping up to be a great one!!!


3 doxies said...

Mornin Capin! Forttunately for me, I haves short hair so I don't haves da dingleberry problems like you long hair doxies. I needs to ask my brudder and sissy about it though.
Anyway, I thinks you should wear your cans hat tonite on your date. You looks rather sophisticated in it. I gots to go brush my teeffis now...thanks for da reminder. See you and da girrrls tonite.
pees: congrats on your win.That iveery much cool. I nevers wi nuttin.

houndstooth said...

Frankie, have fun on your date!

I would love to have a boat to go out on. Of course, I'd have to wear a life vest, since greyhounds don't float, they sink.

I played with a little dachshund yesterday at the dog park. He thought he could catch me in a race!


Petsitgal said...

Hello Frankie!
I was wondering when you were going to tell everybuddy that you won a FRANKIE SIGN for your yard and I bet your can't wait for the mail lady to deliver it to your house! Sandy and I got your e-mail the other day (Sandy thinks you are VERY cute, by the way) and the pictures are (of course) very handsome indeed and she can use them but what one is your favorite?
You are going to be one busy fella tonight and I hope you rest up before you go out with your lovely girlfriends. I met them a few days ago and they are now my new friends!
XOXO-Daisy & April

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Daisy and April, I don't have a favorite pic. Miss Sandy the Painter Lady can use any one she wants or a combination. They were all taken on the same day. I trust her work totally. I have been all over her esty site.

Sargeant said...

Hi Frankie! It's me, Sarge here in PA where it is chilly and snowy. Great new porch! I'm sure they did this just for you since you have 4 feet on it all the time! Have fun on your date tonight, and I'm glad to hear you got your boat back...that's a sure sign of Spring.

Grr and Woof,

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Wow!! That IS a lotta news for one day!! Congrats on winning the painting! Also, can we call you Captain Frankie too?

Looking forward to seeing you at Date Night!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

The OP Pack said...

We'll see you there tonight, Frankie - what a blast we are all going to have. And congrats on your sign, so now you will have a flag AND a sign. Next thing you need is a float and a parade:)

Happy sailing when you get to that boat, it's a perfect day here today for some water fun.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

kalyxcorn said...

oh THAT's what that is! Playing catch up is a never ending game! Love your pic! :)


the booker man said...

mr. frankie...errr...cap'n frankie!
that is totally awesome that you won a person painted sign of you! where are you gonna put it in your yard?
see you soon at date night, and i hope you get to go out in the boat on sunday. :)
the booker man

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur the updates on Frankie's World!

See woo tonight!

I'll be the one learning to khlimb trees!


Lorenza said...

Congratulations, Frankie!
I saw there you are the winner!
See you at Date Night!
Kisses and hugs


Hi Buddy,

Can't wait to watch you slow dance with two girls at once! We're bringing our cameras!

Riley and Star.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n Frankie, I'm finishing up at the hair salon and then I'm meeting you over at Twix's. Gunther better be there, waiting.

Kari in WeHo said...

congrats on your awesome win!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello frankie its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow today is yore lucky day all rite!!! ummmm or yesterday as the kayse may be!!! ok bye