Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jacob... my new neighbor guy

Remember my Visitor from the other day. Well, he came back AGAIN yesterday. We only got to play for about 87 seconds though beclaws it was toooo cold for me when he got here. Soooo, after mom got all the housework done, and I got my thicket all checked, and dad was out riding around on John THE Deere, mom put one of my new caps on me and we went to meet the neighbors. We had to go in Jennifer the Jeep beclaws it is kind of far away.
We met the lady butt my furend wasn't there!! Mom asked where he was and the lady finally did see him Way down at another people's house. She called him and he came right away. His name is Jacob.
The lady says that they "rescued" him two weeks ago. Now here he is in a totally new place. Sooooo mom made the "very tactful" talk happen.
She told the lady that it was very much dangerous to let him run around. The lady said... well WE have 5 acres here. Mom said.. BUTT Jacob isn't staying on your 5 acers and somebuddy might hit him on the road, or he may get tooo far away and not find this new place. Mom also mentioned the "lack of license" and that Dad had driven up and down the road for about 6 miles asking if anybuddy had lost a dawg. She also said that she had called some people too. Then she told the lady that if Jacob got accused of hurting any of the farm animals around here... they would have to pay for it. Mom even mentioned (tactfully) that hunters might not hesitate to shoot a pittbull/lab mix.
The lady seemed nice and seemed to understand how worried mom was. I hope it all works out OK.
Now... you all know that these Girrrrls of mine don't miss ANYTHING. Yesterday was my 33rd. Got'cha Day. I wasn't going to make a deal of it at all, butt since they commented on it.... I am going to celebrate TODAY by going to my Boat. Mom is going to pack some extra special foodables for me and I will get to play Cap'n Frankie and Salty Dawg all day!!!
My Got'cha day was one of the bestest ever days in my mom and dad's whole forever lives. Just ask 'em, if you don't believe me.
I just wish that Ruby and Penny could be with me For Real and not just in my heart. Love ya girrrls. XOXO
PEE S... DROH DOES have scarves too, Butt they don't seem to be listed on the web site. If you are interested in ANY of the DROH stuff... leave a comment on Mona's blog and ask her to give you Miss Judy's Email addy. BUTT... remember to use AT and DOT instead of @ and . when you write an email addy in a blog!!!! OK??? I hope you all shop til poor Miss Judy cries UNCLE. hehehe


Lola said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Frankie! Or Happy Day You're Celebrating Gotcha Day, as it seems it was yesterday fur real.

Your Mom is so right and I hope the neighbors takes it seriously about Jacob. I guess for a dog like that they need to fence off an area for him to run around in. Blog Mom still recalls when some people she knows got two beautiful mostly GSDs and since they lived on a farm of many, many acres they et them loose. Sure enough, a neighbor shot one of them because he was bothering some of their animals. I sure hope nothing like that happens to Jacob.

wags, Lola

3 doxies said...

Your mom is exactly right...some people..not just hunters wouldnt hesitate in da least to hurt a pit mix. Unfortunately they is some pretty dum people out theres.
Happy Gotcha Day! Is there a gotcha story on your bloggie somewhere that I can read? I'd like to know your story.
Haves a very much safe trip on your ship.


Oh Frankie. I'm so glad your Mom had that talk with Jacob's Mom. Maybe it did some good.

Happy Belated Gotcha day!! I'm so glad your Mom and Dad gotcha.

You are such a good friend to DROH and we all love you for being so kind.


houndstooth said...

I hope your mom's talk with Jacob's mom does the trick! I'd hate to see him start his new life off with some kind of calamity!

Happy gotcha day! Those are the best!


Anonymous said... have the bestest mom for being brave and going over and talking to the new neighbor lady. I can't believes he's only lived with 'em for 2 weeks and they just let him wander off like that. Some peoples are really and truly crazy. I will keeps my paws crossed that you mom made that lady get some sense in her.

And happy, happy Gotcha Day, Frankie! I know that that prolly was one of the Most Wonderful days in your mom and dad's life! You shouldn't be shy about it. I know that I pawsonally LUVS to celebrate other doggies Gotcha Days.

Oh, and my mom told me about that big parade in that city place every year. Wow! I can't believes your mom went. My mom said she can't even imagines how many MORE people are there during that parade!

Wiggles & Wags,

A MilShelb Mom said...

Your Mom is right! We have dogs running around our neighborhood all the time! They come up to our fence and bark and growl at us and Mom has to shoo them away. She says they act that way because no one has taught them any better. Poor doggies.
~Milly and Shelby

Remington said...

I am so happy that your mommy had a "talk" with Jacob's new mommy. Poor guy....he is just confused....
HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! I hope you have fun on your boat, Captain! Enjoy!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We're glad your mom had a little talk with Jacob's mom. We don't like to see dogs get lost or hurt.

Have a safe voyage & have a little cheese for us.

Love ya
Ruby & Penny

Mack and Mia said...

Happy gotcha day!! I hope you got some extra noms!!

Oh, and your momma was right on point for telling the neighbor about protecting her pup from hunters, cars, and from getting lost. Hooray for your momma!

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

3 doxies said...

Frankie Flirter... I mean Furter...I was over at the Wolfies blog and saw your comment. I just thought you had done figured out my mission in life. You see, I gives all doggies ideas so we can takes over da universe. It's all a plan.

kissa-bull said...

frankie furter love of the pibble pack,

we want to thank you and your wonderful mommish for taking the time to talk to jacobs pawrents about the vewy real dangers out there on the stweets. we hope in our pibble hearts that he will no longer be able to roam the stweet unatended.

HAPPISH HAPPISH GOTCHA DAY frankie!! they day they gotcha you changed so many lives for the better including our cause then we woulda never met you and we cant imagen that horror.
we ruff you furry much

extra slobbery sugary gotcha kisses for you

the pittie pack

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Well, now you know his name and his peeps. We hope Jacob's human listened to all the good advice your Mom gave her.

Happy Gotcha Day, Frankie - hop eyou have lots of good fun and foodies.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are soooooo furry thankful your mom had THE TALK with Jacob's human -

We hope furry furry much she listens -

It would make us furry sad to see a post with anything less that good news going furward -

Happy Gotcha Day!
Sail On FurterBoy!


Sam said...

It really frustrates me when people let their dogs loose, thinking that they'll stay on their own property. I hope that your neighbor lady listens to mom and keeps him contained! He looks like a nice boy, I wouldn't want to see anything happen to him.


That was a good deed you mommy done. You may have saved him from something very bad. Now he'll be safe!

Good Job Frankie and mommy.

Riley and Star.

Anonymous said...

OMD and here I was thinking I was a good furiend to you. Happy gotcha day!!! I missed it and now I'm embarrassed. I'm so happy to hear your mom is "tactful" You tell them mooom!!!

dewdana said...

Wow your mom is a hero! It is very hard to talk to people about that kind of thing because they sometimes get snippy about it. I have managed to talk some friends into microchipping their pals but that was a hard conversation she had full of lots of useful things for Jacob's mom to think about. I am glad they have given him a home but all the more reason to keep him there!
Happy gotcha day!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I hope Jacob's mom got the message!
Happy Gotcha Day!
I am sure you had a great time on your boat celebrating this big day!
Kisses and hugs

Dory and the Mama said...

We are glad your Mama had a talk with Jacob's Mama. Hopefully it will all turn out ok!!

Hap[y, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day!!!


the booker man said...

thankies to your mama for given jacob's mama THE TALK! i hope jacob will have identifications very very soon.
HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, MR. FRANKIE!!! your parents were so lucky to get to bring you home!! :) have fun out on your boat celebrating your special day!
the booker man

Dog Foster Mom said...

I'm a little late but I just had to post to say Happy Gotcha Day!!! I hope you had a great day and got to go on your boat and eat lots of yummy foodables!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Happy Gotcha Day! We hope Jacob's mom listens to your mom, because Jacob can't do it on his own.

Mango said...

Happy Gotcha day Frankie! Sorry it's a tad late.

Hey! Your mom was brave to talk to that lady and also apparently much more tactful than my idiot mom would have been. I hope Jacob gets registered and learns to walk on a leash.


Anonymous said...

Oh PS. happy gotchya day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dawg! the lady thinks that having a NEW dog, NEWLY rescued is going to stay w/in a 5 acre unfenced area? I feel VERY sorry for poor Jacob. he seems like a nice enough fella. hope his mom gets smart real soon!