Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Scary Story...

STOP !!! This is a very much scary story. Read at your own risk. Frankie

Vacula Jr. On the Prowl
By: Frankie Furter Price

It was a warm and sunny day. I was napping in my living room bed, surrounded by my very much best toys. I had made sure that they were all in the exact places I wanted them before I closed my eyes. I had no idea that my dad had left the coat closet door unlocked. I was unaware of the plotting and planning that was going on behind that door.
At first I thought I was having a dream. This was no dream though, it was a nightmare come to life. I felt my tail being pulled. I couldn’t hear a sound but I knew something was very much wrong. I opened my eyes and there was Vacula Jr. ready to start eating my toys, my bed, and ME!
He was so sneaky quiet. He didn’t make any of his awful noises. He just rolled silently up to me and my stuff. I knew right away that Mom didn’t know he had escaped. His leash wasn’t attached to the thing in the wall. I was all on my own. I would have to fight him off with no help whatsoever. The only saving grace was that Vacula Jr. isn’t as strong and experienced as Vacula is.
I had no time to waste. I started moving toys and flipping my bed up to make a barrier. No Vacula can climb very well. They also don’t move as fast and flexible as a dachshund does. Once I had my bed barrier ready I went to work on his horrible mouth. I tried to bite his tongues. I was very much afraid but I had to protect my toys. They were depending on me. I was moving as fast as I possibly could. I was almost worn out. He was resisting all my efforts. I was beginning to think the struggle would be lost. Vacula Jr. wasn’t showing any signs of fear or weakness. I was desperate. That is when I noticed my basketball. It is my loudest toy.
I grabbed my basketball and started squeaking it right in Vacula Jr.’s horrible face. He instantly pulled his tongues in and stopped gnashing his hideous yellow teeth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Vacula Jr. was afraid of basketball’s noises. It took all my jaw strength to keep the furious squeaking up. Just when I thought I couldn’t bite down one more time, Vacula Jr. surrendered. At that same moment my mom came in from the kitchen.
“Frankie, what the heck are you doing in here? Good grief, did your dad leave that crazy thing out again? Darn it, I’m trying to fix lunch. I can’t hear myself think over your racket. I just have too much work to do right now.”
I just looked up at her and wagged. She didn’t know that I had just saved everyone and everything from another Vac Attack. The End


Nibbles Treats said...

That is just a mean trick played on you. Now is the time to plot and scheme your revenge. Start with chewing the power cord that was carelessly left laying around. That will kill the Vacula really quick!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Hi T. T. & O.,
I know Vacula & Vacula Jr. are both very much powerful, butt do you really think they get that power from their leash thing? Are you sure? I thought it was only a leash to keep him tied in place like mom does when she ties my leash to trees and stuff. I am going to have to get some more information about this power stuff. They certainly don't need any more power than they have already!!! I am going to start poking some of my toys under the Coat Closet Door. Then if dad forgets to lock it...
Thanks for the information!!!
Anyone else have any ideas or tips???? I could make a book of them if I get enough!!!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
Great story. We thinks someone has a warped sense of humour at your house. Who dressed the vacuum to scare a poor little sweet dacshund. Was is the Grinch?
No points for him.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Girrrrls, No one dressed Vacula Jr.. We all hate him here. We never want him to come out. Dad hates him the most. He never even wants to be in the house when any of the Vaculas make a raid.
I hope you will not be afraid to go to sleep tonight after my story.
My friend Fawn Tell says that the Grinch must be afraid of Vaculas too. He won't go near one either. Maybe it is a "man" thing.
Love always X's 2