Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jennifer got kidnapped by the Grinch Guy !!!

Yikes !
The Grinch Guy has taken my mom's Jeep (Jennifer) and is holding her hostage !!!
He is trying to say she is in "Heat" because there was some red stuff under her. This is just a terrible thing. He is probably going to teach her really bad things. I think my mom is very much worried about her beloved Jennifer.
This is just part of my Grinch info for today. I hope you are sitting down.
I am just stunned. I just learned that Jim the Grinch guy has a SISTER !!! I had no idea. I am not really sure I even believe this story.
What I think really happend to this poor lady (who must be very nice because she told him it was not nice not to take me for a 4-wheeler ride) is that the Grinch was just dropped down their chimney when he was just a grinchlet. The family just THOUGHT he was one of theirs. He probably just moved in and started bossing everyone around and eating all the good food and breaking all their toys and stuff like that. Oh, that poor family. His real mom didn't even want him. She must have known what he would grow up to be like.
I suppose I will have to put all of my toys in a big big bag and take them down there to pay ransome to get Jennifer back. What a meanie this Grinch Guy is. Taking a little dachshunds toys. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! Whimper Whine
I hope his sister calls him again and tells him that kidnapping Jennifer is a very bad thing. Maybe she will even roll up a newspaper and smack him with it.
I just don't know how I am ever going to get my goose story written with all this going on. Making fun of Jennifer. Saying she is in "Heat". Kidnapping and demanding ransome. Bringing my dad home and just dumping him out in the driveway.
Oh Cats! I am going to have a major case of writer's block. And we will all know why.
I thought he would settle down after Christimas. WRONG I guess he thinks he is very much in charge of the world just because this is the month for St. Patrick's Day. I'll be glad when that day is gone.
Maybe then I won't have to keep thinking GREEN !


Ruby and Penny said...

Boy Frankie to you have problems.
Maybe if you all sing for the Grinch it will melt his evil heart or something like that.
We love your snow pic. You look like a little black bunny with those ears.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Girrrrls, Hummmm I never thought of singing and melting his heart. You know the Grinch's heart is two sizes too small, don't you? Maybe that would mean that I would only have to sing a small song.
I am sending his wife some fudge and caramels today. Her name is Fontell but I like to spell it my way (Fawn tell). I only put her name on the baggie thing. he he he
He still has mom's jeep in his garage. I will think about making up a song to sing for him.
Thanks for the good idea. You aren't just a couple of pretty faces!!!! You girrrls are really smart.
Licks & Wags X's 2

Grin-sister said...

Hi Frankie.
I have been following your blogs quietly since you been writing about that Jim the Grinch guy. I enjoy your stories and adventures and I can keep track of what that Grinch of a brother has been up to. I'm not sure how he came to our family, 'cause I'm ALOT younger than he. I like your idea to sing to him and please smile REAL BIG when you do. hehe