Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chapter 4 Vacula

Chapter 4

Mom finally managed to somehow put Vacula into a trance or something like that. She hurried and helped me out of my hiding place. We rushed to the door and she let me outside so that she could continue to do battle with the monster. She knows that Vacula can’t go outside and get me.
Vacula has awful horrible powers but one thing that can force him into his closet for days is to be exposed to sunshine and fresh air. He is only able to do his awful thing inside the house. That is a blessing for me.
Mom closed the door behind me and again went to deal with the monster. I could see some of what was happening through the window. It was enough to make a dachshund give up hole digging.
First he ran out into the middle of the floor, right beside my favorite froggie. Mom pushed the end of his leash back into the wall thing even tighter and she tried to step on his weak spot but she must have missed it. He started roaring and running around. Mom grabbed him and held on tight. She pulled him back away from Froggie and he made a try for my bear toy. Mom pulled and got him away from that. She had to kick it away to safety. That was just too much for me to see. I ran out into the yard and started scooting my butt in the grass.
I could still hear all the commotion from way out in the yard. It must have been a horrible struggle. They were going back and forth and back and forth. Yank! Pull! Yank! Pull! Vacula howling, mom saying those hex words that I am not allowed to say. I knew that all my toys would be gone if I ever got back inside again. I was just sure that Vacula was eating all of them. Mom just isn’t strong enough or fast enough to keep them safe anymore.
The struggle of good vs. evil went on and on. It went from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen and on down the hall toward my toy room. I thought I was going to be totally toyless.
Finally mom came outside. She was all sweaty from the struggle. Her hair really needed to be brushed. She looked like she might need a big cup of coffee and two cookies. She finally said that I should go on in.
I was really afraid that Vacula would jump out at me, but mom said she had gotten him back down into the closet. She hardly ever fibs to me so I went in all quiet and tippy paw tippy paw like. Every toy was gone. It was just like I figured it would be. Just like every time he comes out of hiding. I wanted to bark at the world. Vacula had eaten all my stuff again. I hoped that he would get a bad stomach ache and maybe not be able to poop.
The End


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We are glad you are home safe & sound.
Maybe if your nice to the Grinch, he will steal Vacula like he took Jennifer. Try giving the Grinch a cute dachsund face, it works on our mom.
Hope you find your toys.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Gee, Girrrls you are so very much smart. That is a grrreat Idea. I will try to trick Jim the Grinch Guy to Steal Vacula. He Loves my mom's home made cookies. I could put down a trail of crumbs and lead him right to Vacula. If he doesn't steal Vacula, maybe Vacula will suck him up and POOF he will be gone. I suppose Fawn Tell would miss him though. I'll give this a try. This is what I was telling my human sister, Lori about. You girrrrls aren't just a couple of pretty faces.
Love Licks & Wags X's 2