Sunday, February 22, 2009

butt scooter day

Yesterday was just a stinky poop day. My mom got that very much awful sweeper thing out, and she took all of my toys and stuff back to my room. She knows that I work very much hard to get my favorite things brought into the living room where I like to play with them. She also knows that I hate that sweeper thing. I have to go to the den when she does that stuff. It all makes me so mad that I actually think about peeing on some of her stuff.

I don't do mean things to her, so why does she take my toys away and make me have to cry and worry about bringing them back where the SHOULD be. If I could get in the closet, I would just chew the cord off that sweeper thingy. It took me 4 hours to get all my best stuff back where I wanted it. That is just too butt sniffing much work for me to have to do. It isn't fair at all.

Today isn't starting out much better. I went out to make my morning pee and there was snow all over my grass. I made some of it turn yellow. he he he

Did you hear that Hersey is closing its Peppermint Patty factory down? There will be 300 people who lose their jobs. And those jobs are going to be sent to Mexico. Mom got an email yesterday asking everyone to boycott all Hersey products until they bring those jobs back. I like that idea. I'm not allowed to have chocolate anyway. I don't think it will bother anyone to give up Hershey chocolate to keep 300 jobs, do you???? Let's stick together and force Hershey to bring back the jobs. I like this. It is the "pack mentality" and we dachshunds have always known that a pack can get more done than just one dachshund can do alone!!!

If I can get into Obama's cabinet, this is just the kind of stuff I would work one. I could accomplish some very much grrrrreat stuff for animals AND PEOPLE.

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