Thursday, December 25, 2008

I GOT IT I GOT IT Santa Paws did it !

I just can't believe it. Santa Paws came and he very much brought me my very much own YapStop computer. Wooooowie !!!
I very much wanted to show you all my picture but my mom is being a very much big old lazy butt, and she won't put the pictures from the camera into MY own YapStop computer.
It is very much wonderful. I will be able to use it to do all of my important stuff. I won't have to wait for my mom to let me on her old stinky computer anymore.
Guess what !!! It does NOT have a mouse. It has a touching pad that I can really make work easy.
I hope that everyone in the whole wide world got great stuff on Christmas moring.
Santa Paws must have liked my milk glass and cookie plate trick. They were gone from the floor when I made everyone get up this morning.
Merry Christmas day to all of you. I knew that Santa Paws was REAL.
psssss. I surely am glad that my dad didn't shoot RUDOLPH THE
RED NOSED REINDEER. Santa Paws really needed him last night. It was really very much FOGGY.

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