FINALLY! He left his blog open!
Good evening, everyone. This is Jamison. Perhaps you have heard about me as I know my little brother likes to tell lies all over town about what a mean cat I am. I am here to set the record straight. I am an angel. I do no wrong. Look at this face and tell me you see a mean cat:
wpid-cam03533.jpg  wpid-cam03157.jpg
I LOVE cuddling.
wpid-cam03323.jpg wpid-cam02147.jpg
I even cuddle WITH Noodle.
His accusations are simply preposterous. I mean, I sleep nearly ALL day long.
And when I am awake, I like to play with my rope that Dad tied on the back of a chair for me, my scratch post, and tennis balls. I am in training to become a hockey sensation. There’s just no time in my busy days to plot his torture or death as he claims.
If anyone in this equation should be upset, it’s me. Khia and I were best friends. Every night at 12:30 a.m., we would play tag and run back and forth through the house. It was our thing – drove Mom and Dad crazy. Then, Mom brings home this scruffy little ball of fur and, all of a sudden, Khia hates me and tries to eat me every time I attempt to play with her. Noodle’s a best friend stealer!
Even so, I try to play with him all the time. I miss playing tag. But, no, he cowers like a baby and runs to Mom. I’m just trying to be friendly! He acts like I am attempting murder.
I assure you, I am not the devil nor am I evil. Please, do not believe his lies.
I must go now before he finds me here. Surely, I’d never hear the end of it.