Monday, September 22, 2014


Today's Debate will be aired on Channel 87   WFnE  TV

 I am sort of Nervous and Excited...   I have been thinking back on MY time as Mayor of Blogville...It was a wonderful experience.        I even got to NAME the Place.. BLOGVILLE.      I am sure that Mayoress Madi would agree,  that THIS DEBATE needs to be a CLASS ACT.     I just hope that I can do it justice.  

 Stage Crew.... can you check the Sound again...   Make SURE all the Mics are hot...
    OKAY FOLKS....   87 Seconds to Kick Off....      Are you all Ready?
 Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen.    I am Frankie O. Furter Price, Mayor Emeritus of Blogville.     I will be the  Debate MODERATOR.        Today's FURST EVER Mayoral Election Debate is being brought to you with LIMITED Commercial Breaks... by:

Before bringing the Candidates to the stage we need to go over a few things.... 
Debate RULES: 
        The Candidates will each have the same amount of time to state their Pawsition...  (like 87 seconds or so)  on Each Question.  
  Upon entering the Auditorium... the audience was instructed that there will be  NO outbursts of ANY sort...  good or bad...  during the debate...  
   There will be NO questions taken from the Audience.... DURING the DEBATE.... HOWEVER,    AFTER the DEBATE has Concluded...   You are WELCOME to leave your questions in the COMMENTS section... and the Candidates will try to get to as many as Possible...  in their Town Hall meeting....   which will be held at a later date and location.   

   It was decided...  by Ernest vonSchnitzel,  that   Ladies should go FURST....  So   Candidate  DORY From California will answer the FURST question FURST.... and then Candidates Murphy and Stanley will answer the SECOND question FURST.. and so on. 

 Would Candidate      DORY    please  step to your PODIUM?

 Would Candidates     Murphy and Stanley     Please   step to your PODIUMS?
 The candidates were given the opportunity to make an opening statement...  and an explanation of their Qualifications for becoming Mayor of Blogville.

I am turning the Microphone over to Miss Dory furst...

Thank you Dory.... and now let us hear Murphy and Stanley's Qualifications...

 And NOW for the initial Question.... which will be offered to Miss DORY Furst...

1.    If you are Elected Mayor of Blogville...  HOW will you go about Filling your Cabinet?    Will you ask fur Volunteers?  Will those who are ALREADY SERVING in Mayoress Madi's Cabinet be OUSTED... or will they be pawmitted to apply again?     Could they opt for a Different Cabinet to go into?  

As mayor, I will give the present Cabinet members the opportunity to stay in the present positions. If they would like to change positions within the cabinet, I will ask them to write a letter stating why they think they should be appointed to that position. If they would like to retire, I will ask for volunteers! A happy cabinet is key to a happy administration!!

Thank you Dory.
Now, Murphy and Stanley...    How would YOU answer question # 1?

Murphy: We have many fine employees in Blogville and we certainly want anyone who desires to
continue in their current employment to know they will have job security. In order to be retained
in the new administration, they just have to state their desire to continue in that position during the
designated period of open employment. However, we do understand that some employees might
be ready to move into a more challenging position or possibly even retire.

Stanley: Anyone who wants to change jobs will be required to resign from their current position
and state the new position that they are interested in. Then we will post all job openings and
anyone who is interested can apply for an open position.

Murphy: But we must add that anyone who has stopped blogging and does not indicate a desire to
retain their position within the designated period will be replaced in the new administration.

Thank you Candidates ...    Now for the next question which goes to Murphy and Stanley FURST...

2.    What do you see as Blogville's Greatest Assets and its Biggest Shortcomings... AND How will you go about Promoting and improving them?

Murphy: Blogville’s biggest asset is the caring hearts of all our furiends and friends. When anyone
needs help, Blogville circles its wagons and everyone is generous to help.

Stanley: Probably the biggest shortcoming is that furiends often drift off without any closure.
Whenever someone has decided to stop blogging or take an extended break, we need to make sure
it is not a problem within our Blogville community.

Thank you Gentlemen... and now DORY how would your respond to question #2?

Great question, Mr. Furter! Blogville’s biggest asset is it’s sense of community! People can always count on Blogville for support and love. In a world full of humans who move too fast and don’t take time to smell the flowers, we need a place where we, and our humans, can share their loves, lives, ups and downs! Also…we ALWAYS need to take time and smell the flowers (especially on Fridays!!)

The most important thing we can do to promote Blogville, is to keep doing what we are doing, caring and reaching out to others. Whether it is by keeping an eye out for furries that need our support, or just stopping by and making a new friend.
By being a good Blogville “neighbor” you can make Blogville a happy place that will keep growing

Now we move on to question #3... which goes to you furst   Dory...

3.   What do you plan to do abut SQUIRRELS.    Many Blogville citizens are PLAGUED by them and are wanting the situation dealt with.

Squirrels?? Well, when the squirrels found out I was moving up here to the North Coast, they all turned their furry tails and RAN!! I will train anyone who needs it to be an expert Squirrel Hunter!!

Thank you Dory and now we move to Murphy and Stanley for THEIR Response..

Murphy: I have put a lot of thought into this and think it has gotten to be a big enough problem
that it is nearly a quality-of-life issue for our citizens. We would like to see a Squirrel Banishment
Academy established and taught by experienced professors like Molly The Wally or Ruby Airedale.
This way our citizens and those who are young now will be best equipped to deal with this horrible

Stanley: And those who would like to attend the academy but lack the sufficient green papers to
pay for it can apply for a grant so that no Blogville citizen would be denied an education.

Thank you ... and now we have our Final question...
     BUTT furst we need to acknowledge our Wonderful Sponsor once again...

4.   If you are elected...   HOW will you go about getting MORE Kitties involved in Blogville Activities?   Mayoress Madi and I Both Tried our best....    always saying EVERYBUDDY is WANTED AND WELCOME...  butt it seemed to have fallen on Catnip filled ears.
     Murphy and Stanley would you please give us your answer... 

Murphy: This is a difficult problem that has perplexed the leaders of Blogville for many years. I
think all we can do is continue to invite them and make Blogville a welcoming place for them to live.
Perhaps a special position can be established within the Mayor’s Cabinet to address this problem.
The doggie or kitty in this position could instigate things like “Take A Kitty To Lunch” or “Kitty
Appreciation Day”.

Stanley: I think it would help if we ask all dogs to NOT bark at cats. That might be a hard sell but at
least it’s a place to start.

Dory would you please give us Your response?

Kitties are cute, aren’t they??? I just adore kitties!!! We have a few kitty friends, and I am going to try very hard to make more kitty friends, whether or not I get elected. Maybe it is time for a Kitty Kontest of some kind?? We have found kitties to be very interested in sun puddles, I think I see a kitty sun puddle kontest some time next year for sure!! 

The Candidates and I would like to THANK the Audience for your Attention and your EXCELLENT Manners .      You were VERY Respectful of the Candidates and their responses...

And NOW.......... please feel free to APPLAUDE our Blogville Mayoral  CANDIDATES 

AND don't Furget to VOTE.....    on   NOVEMBER 4th..


Bouncing Bertie said...

Hearing you loud and clear from my sick bed in Scotland. The was a wonderful and most civilly conducted debate and the only problem is, all the answers were so good that it is going to be awfully difficult to decide between the candidates, a problem we did not have on last Thursday's vote here in Scotland!
Hearty congratulations to all the participants and to Frankie for his most professional approach to moderating the debate.
Well done!

Asta said...

As oosual, I am impwessed by the thought and pwepawashun that went into this debate and the sewioosness of all the candidates..they have obvioosly dug deeply into theiw files about the pwoblems that Blogville faces and the joys of being pawt of this community..well done. Clap ,clap,clap! It will be a most difficult decishun fow all the citizens
Smoochie kisses and best of luck

(Being an absentee citizen and only occashunally able yo cum visit, I feel I shoold just be an obsewvew and not a votew)

Chef Sasha said...

Holy Tacos(chomp chomp) that was a very nice debate, the questions and answers were very intelligent and thoughtful. This is truly the event of the year. Frankie, you are an outstanding moderator and thank you for all that hard work. I feel the questions were answered fairly by both sides. This will be a very close election. I would like to have some discussion in the future regarding baths and our rights. I am very satisfied for now with all the candidates(burp,oops sorry). I am off for more of Jazzi's scrumptious tacos. I am hoping which ever candidate wins will keep me on the board as Chef of Blogville.

Love Sasha

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Well; firstly let me congratulate all pawticipants on such an orderly debate. Questions were highly pertinent and on the whole, very well answered. An excellent start to the official campaign. The town hall debates are going to be very interesting as we gather momentum towards Nov 4th; there perhaps needs to be some discussion on tactics around lost toys - whether to search and rescue or provide counselling services; what about etiquette around marking of of territory? Will there be a TUNA (Truly Ur Needed Around) fund set up for the outreach to the feline community?

Just askin'... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Madi and Mom said...





Amber DaWeenie said...

Bravo! Bravo! Brave! Wonderful debate....sure gives my teenie weenie head a lot to think about!


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

nice debate guys and gal. But what about the REAL issues - the restriction on treats giving, why we don't get 3 meals a day, the excuses we get when we want a walkies, why we have to have baths and why do we have our toenails need trimming and don't even get us started on telling us to be quiet when we are barking because of stranger danger....these are the things that really matter

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

What an excellent debate. Great answers all around.

Our question for the town hall is: What leader, other than Frankie and Madi do you aspire to be like . (We live in Canada, not too, too far for Toronto and have had to listen to all the Rob Ford stuff for the past year or so and we don't want any repeats of that in Blogville!)

Molly The Wally said...

Wow that was great and we agree with Bertie that we cannot decide who to vote for as it was so good. Nice one and well done to Frankie for hosting a pawsome debate. It is going to be a close one. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

BRAVO Dory! BRAVO Murphy&Stanley. I totally liked your answers! And I agree, natural curled fur is a good argument, of course. And to have a squirrel banishment academy is great too. That's a hard decision, think I need some Tacos while pondering...
Many thanks for a great debate to all of you!

stellaroselong said...

chomp chomp chomp snore snore snore...did you know you can eat and sleep at the same time....snore.....angus mac

Sarge said...

Wow, Moderator Frankie, you did an amazing job! OMD this was so well organized and the questions were perfect. Hearty congrats to all three candidates for their civil and professional conduct and super answers. Holy Moly this is gonna be one seriously tough decision.

Followup Question for the Candidates:
If elected, what improvements would you plan for Blogville City Park?

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ohy dawg this is so exciting. We have been tuned into channel 87 since last night waiting and waiting. Those opening statements were something. May the best doggy win
Lily & Edward

Casey said...

This is definitely going to be a CLOSE vote. Thanks to all the candidates for such thoughtful answers, and grreat job Frankie for moderating!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Excellent job by all the candidates!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Applause, applause, applause. A great debate. We're impressed with all the candidates. And we agree kitties should become more involved.

M. K. Clinton said...

*Whistling, howling, and clapping paws! What a great debate! We reported it on BFTB NETWoof News today. Join me for debate rumors and shockers!

Barking from New Mexico said...

I was impressed with everyone's answers and will be pleased with whoever wins.

Looking forward to taco day on October 4th - in fact, I think I'll start today.

Idaho PugRanch said...

What a great day in Blogville! We are so proud of our candidates, Murphy & Stanley and congrats to candidate Dory for a great job. Well done Frankie, you did a pawsome job as moderator!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

Katie said...

Oh wow, this is going to be such a tricky one. Frankie, what an excellent job you are doing on such an important job! That was a wonderful debate. Thank you so much for your loving words on the loss of our Lacci, I really appreciate it. xo

Diana (Angel Jazzi's mom) said...

WOW!! That was a great debate. Wonderfully done Frankie.
Fantastic job to the candidates, they looked splendid and the answers were very good.
Thanks for having Jazzi the sponsor, I'm sure she is so proud right now.

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Excellent job all around - the candidates have obviously put great thought into their answers, and Frankie Furter, you did an excellent job moderating the debate! While we aren't very active in Blogville, we do enjoy observing the activities and involvement of all the residents!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Linda & Cinnamon said...

This will be a difficult decision,
all 3 candidates are way over qualified. Can we vote for all 3?

My question is: Will the polls be open until midnight, I can't drive and Mom will be at work late?

G r e a t D e b a t e

xo Cinnamon

Dory and the Mama said...

Frankie thank you so much for moderating this historical event!! You did a most excellent job!

I have my work cut out for me, those Doods are going to be tough to beat (plus that Stanley is ever so romantic!!)


Team Beaglebratz said...

Hey Frankie – that wuz a furry most egsalent d-bate. The queschonz were good an’straight tue the point an’same with the answerz. The candidatez all did a great job. LOVED the idea of a squirrel huntin'academy.
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

Murphy said...

Whew . . . we are glad we made it through that debate! That was so much pressure, being a candidate for the first ever real mayoral debate! Lots of pressure!! So excited we made Blogville history too! Frankie you rocked the moderator job!! Now I can't chat, I really need to talk to Stanley!
Linda & Cinnamon said...

This will be a difficult decision,
all 3 candidates are way over qualified. Can we vote for all 3?

My question is: Will the polls be open until midnight, I can't drive and Mom will be at work late?

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Ruby said...

WoooHoooo!!!! *whistle, clap, whistle*
Isn't Murphy HANDSOME??!! WoooHoooo!!!
Oh, sorry. Um ~ Yes, abouts the debate....
BRAVO Frankie on a well organized and SPECK-TACK-U-LURE Debate!!!
I thinks I know the Candy Dates much betters now. (wells, Murphy I knows quite well..BOL)
I will be more than HONORED to teach at the Tree Rat Riddance Academy!!!
I know lots of tricks that all doggies could use to rid their estates of those pesky furry critters!!!
I do have one question: What are we gonna do abouts the hunt for our CHERRY BOMB??! Oh my...that is most impawtent, you know?!
Oh, and what abouts the bath situation??? How are we gonna stop the peeps from givin' us baths when we have just gotten our 'essence' just right?! This is a HUGE problem in my house!!!
And...where are those TACOS???!!!! I can make another pitcher of margaritas!! ☺
Ruby ♥♥

Anonymous said...

What a great debate.....but now all we can do is say Hummmmmmmmmm!

The Mad Scots

The Florida Furkids said...

Pawsome debate! Frankie, you did a fabulous job as moderator. We think all 3 candidates are great...this is going to be close.

We have to admit that, until Raz met the wonderful Madi, we never pawticipated in Blogville events because we thought Blogville was the woofie version of the Cat Blogosphere. We agree that it's impawtent to reach out to the kitty community.

We're going to munch on some tacos and put our thinking caps on.

The Florida Furkids

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Hmmmmmmmmm! Very hard to choose. We don't agree with the no barking at cats bit because we have a feral cat problem and no squirrels, but both sides sound like they want to continue Blogville's caring tradition.

PeeS. We wouldn't bark at Mayoress Madi.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Oh Dawg, this is gonna be a tough one. What a wonderful debate. Mum always complains about politics and stuffs but we can't understand why cause Blogville pawlitics is so entertaining. Thanks to everybuddy involved in the Great Debate. We would like to see more kitties involved in Blogville too.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
P.S. Thanks for starting our day here in Oz with a smile :-)

Sweet William The Scot said...

Mayor Madi asked me when she took office to be in charge of Entertainment Fun. I said no could do but that I would take Music Entertainment but I never got the assignment. That killed my desire for Politics.
I got a Bald Eagle that takes care of Tree Rats in one swoop.
Thanks for this very enlightening debate.
Is this a yes or no vote like Bertie has last week??
Sweet William The Scot

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

That was a fantastic debate, possibly the best we have ever seen. A tip of the tail to all involved and the two candidates. Both are so knowledgeable. I don't know how I am going to decide. I may have to flip a squirrel to decide

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Pawsome debate! I was sitting on the edge of my dog bed waiting fur snarly face between the candy-dates but they was all so furrendly with anudder.

Millie and Walter said...

That was an excellent debate. All the candidates had great answers. We are curious to know how Stanley got that lipstick on his cheek?

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great debate and superb answers. The voting is going to be so close - three outstanding candidates. We still wish they could all be mayors at the same time.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Marty the Manx said...

Bravo! Woo Hooooo!!!!! Wonderful job Frankie! Wonderful answers Dory, Murphy and Stanley! I just don't know what I am going to do besides order more of Jazzi's Tacos! We are all in a quandary over who to vote for :( Can we elect all of you?
Marty and the Gang

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Great debate. It will be very hard to make a decision. Bu then Dory us a Texan.

Cara n Crew said...

woot! ::wildly clapping paws::
great debate! we definitely like the no barking at cats idea ;-/ This is going to be a tough vote!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

JoAnn Stancer said...

Well done! that was freaken awesome! Can't wait for the results!

Duncan said...

Bravo to all involved. Good coverage on the topics. Gonna be a nail biter!!!

Wallace Wright-Parkin said...

*APAWS* *APAWS* *APAWS* WOW, that was our first ever debate and even mom couldn't believe how focused we were! It's gonna be a tight race and no doubt a hot topic in our house for the next few weeks!
Well done to all the candidates!
Wally & Sammy

Whitley Westie said...

Dat wuz quite da debate. But for some reason, all I can think bout are tacos.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Pawsome debate! Not sure if this is a valid question, butt it's all we could think of.... If we vote, will it increase our chance of being picked fur jury duty? Does Blogville even have jury duty?

Ranger said...

Hummmmm….. what are we going to do about outlawing furstealers? And what is dar position on baths?
Dis will be a hard decision.

marley said...

Wowzers....wot a grate debate Frankie my pal...shure iz foods for thort.....yoo guys in Bogsville shure haz a ard choyce to make soon....

Shawn said...

OMD, I've missed out on so much excitement and this wonderful debate! I'm happy to hear ( I think) that kitties are encouraged to make their meows heard! I will pass the news on to Chloe and Cecil..Chloe always has a lot to say and would be happy to put in her two cents! In the end, you may be sorry cuz that girl NEVER shuts up!