Thursday, November 14, 2013

MORE of MY big DAY... by Ernie

It is ME (Ernie) Again today...      I wanted to show you some MORE pics about MY day with MY Steady Girrrrrlfurend....   ROXY's Mom    !!        I admit that SOME if it is kinda M Bare Assing...  as you will see...

FURST    Look What MY ROXY sent to me.... all the way from AUSTRALIA...       Liver and HONEY Crackers....   She BASTED them with "DELICIOUS AUSTRALIAN CHICKEN LIVER".   Can you believe it?     OMD the picture is blurry mom is a total IDIOT was so excited and also she does NOT make good pictures.
     NOW... I am Going to  keep these away from Frankie Farter and not let him even have one bite..SAVE these Until CHRISTMAS... so I can feel like MY ROXY is RIGHT HERE with ME on MY HILL.     THEN I am going to KEEP the Bag FOREVER.      Just sayin.

I want to aPAWligize fur the Pictures that we have of this VERY VERY SPECIAL MEET and GREET.      I don't KNOW why mom kept getting PEEPS in some of them...    WHAT a DOOFUS....  Just Cover them with you PAW and look at the ImPAWtant stuffs... OKAY???         
I had Mom take My ROXY's Christmas Pressies  (and Daisy and Bella and Miss Tobi's too)...   So we could SEE everythingy being opened...     BUTT of COURSE IDIOT HEAD MOM ONLY HAS SNOWFREAK bags and paper and stuffs..  you guessed it... everythingy was rolled  Wrapped in SnowMen

 AND  NATURALLY this is the Christmas CARD...  
THEY did all this in a RESTAURANT.... and NATURALLY     WE    were NOT allowed to go IN THERE....   BUTT mom DID get Pictures...                                                                                  

ONCE Everybuddy ATE and all the stuffs were all packed up....    Everybuddy got back in their CARS and mom and dad got in Jennifer with US... and we went Across like 87 lanes of Traffic to....  a PETCO.... and we all gotted out and THIS TIME WE were able to go INSIDE so that we could all REALLY get to know one another.   And THAT is when the FUN stuff happened...

Frankie says I am NOT allowed to tell EVERYTHING though... like when he told Dad that he wanted to go out the door... and then FRANKIE POOPED in the PAWking LOT. So I won't mention that.                                                               

 THESE are pictures of Miss Tobi... taking Pictures of ME... fur MY ROXY... and guess what?   Frankie the FARTer PHOTO BOMBED me...

BUTT FINALLY Miss Tobi was able to get a GOOD picture of JUST ME.... fur Roxy.
Now furends...let me tell you something... just between US...    I (Ernest vonSchnitzel Price)  have a BIG WORRY...    When I asked Miss Tobi to show me...  exactly what SIZE Roxy is... compared to me......    I discovered that I am NOT HOOGE like F.F. Says... in fact in an now worried that I don't come CLOSE to measuring up...     Roxy is TALLER and LONGER than I (Ernie the SHRIMP) am.   and NOW....   I am WORRIED about this...   What if Roxy realizes that I am not big and strong enough to pawtect her and stuffs.     What if she wants a BIG GUY fur her Steady Boyfurend.
      I am SCARED and WORRIED and Heart Sick.     NOW I ... Kinda Wish Miss Tobi hadn't seen me.  Now how am I EVER gonna measure up to Roxy's expectations.   WHINE WHIMPER WHINE I am SO very M Bare Assed that I didn't grow enough. It is ALL Frankie's Fault beclaws he kept sayin  STOP GROWING ERNIE... STOP GROWING...   and  I lissened to him.
      I think I just might BITE him.


Frank The Tank said...

Hi Frankie and Ernie!
BOW-WOW what fun you all had, I do love the Snowmen even if you dont, I just love Christmas! I think it was funny that Frankie pooped in the parking lot, that must have been embarASSing!
Now listen to me Ernest vonSchnitzel Price Roxy may be much TALLER and LONGER than you are and there may be others that are really big and strong enough to pawtect her but you have the BIGGEST heart and the most love in the world to give, nobody will ever love her like you (except PAWhaps her Momma) but that makes you the BIG and BEST guy for Roxy!
Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

WFT Nobby said...

Hey, no worries little Ernie, big girls ROCK. You know I have often been told not to refer to my special girl Addi as a 'strapping lass' but she is just than and I mean it as a compliment. Oh yes, and I can tell you, Addi is quite happy with me. Good stuff goes in little room etc. etc. Of course if you want to bolster your macho-ness you can always drive a tank...
Toodle pip!

My Mind's Eye said...

Dearest Ernie...first of all
dy-na-mite comes in small packages!!! You might be smaller but
your heart is a big as a giant snow freak!!

Good thing my mom wasn't there cause quite 'frankly' she can be an excited nut case too. The people at B.E. would have kick everyone out with your mom and and mine there too

great photos and commentary.
mol mol mol Frankie got so a'scared he pooped!!!
hugs madi your bfff

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Roxy loves you for who you are inside not the height of your legs, don't stress it! Just remember, good things come in small packages! Lee and Phod

Unknown said...

No worries Ernie you are a little pocket rocket and we know Roxy loves ya. What a pawsome visit. So nice to meet up. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

What a pawsome meet and greet. Mommy was kinda eating her breakfast when she read us this post. We made her re-read the part about Frankie pooping in the pawking lot. I think we made her re-read that part like 87 times. (That's ok -- Mommy didn't seem to mind -- it didn't ruin her breakfast or anything.)

Katie said...

Oh Ernie, Roxy LOVES you! You are just right and she knows it. It looks like quite a visit!

stellaroselong said...

First your mom should have picked a food place that you could have went into cos after all this is all about you, second its okay that frankie pooped in the parking lot cos that made you look even better and third ernie there is NO girl in the world that wouldn't want you by their side forever and ever!!!! You are a true blue catch!!!
stella rose, maggie and even gussie agrees!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh your heart must be pounding from all that love in the air. I could have told you, you were a squirt

Unknown said...

Ernie, there is no use listening to Frankie...he just says those things to make you worry. I bet Roxy loves you for matter your size. Besides, smaller dogs can have the advantage sometimes like when...when...when...well, I'll think of something and get back to you!
*high paws*

P.S. I think you should use Frankie's POOP accident in the parking lot as part of your Poop Patrol post next Monday! That's one way to get back at him. :-p

Murphy said...

For Ernie's Eyes Only: Buddy, I know exactly how you feel about being sized impaired. Stanley is always reminding me that I am much smaller than him. In fact most friends and furiends are surprised to find out I am not really big like Stanley-the-Giant. But here is the thing and I know it is hard to believe . . . The wimmen don't care! Really they don't! My date for Halloween was the beautiful Lily and she is a full size doodle. I was worried like you but she even let me kiss her! So if Frankie tries to give you a bad time just tell him to go poop in the parking lot bol!

Your buddy,


Anonymous said...

No worrie big girls are cool. Imagine Tom Cruise and Nicol Kidman, oh ok, not the best, but just imagine. And you left a poop-print on the parking lot? Yes, wo says that you only can park cars there!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dog! I am sure you are just the right size for Roxy! woo woo woo!

Noodles said...

Never fear - good things come in small packages. Everypuggy knows that. And I think Roxy already knows you are big in spirit even if you are not so big in stature.
Love Noodles

Sketching with Dogs said...

We think Roxy will think you are just pawfect as you are Ernie.
What a fantastic time you are all having together, such great pressies.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Idaho PugRanch said...

HA HA we were thinking the same thing as Easy. Now Nicole Kidman is married to Keith Urban and we think she is taller than him too!
Don't worry Ernie, Roxy loves you just the way you are!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Ernie. Mate, you do not have a worry in the world. Aussie girrls love blokes in ALL shapes and sizes and you are the perfect size for her! How fabaroony you got to meet The Girls' mum. Did you love her aussie accent??? Did you all understand each other hehehe? We are so glad you met. Isn't Blogville the place to meet and greet and share the love! Take care Ernie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Anonymous said...

Ernie, quit the whining, you a big guy now, and roxy will love you no matter what, OK! See Me and Bites are exactly the same size and weight and we don't care, Love always prevails, so just saying, stand up and bark you lungs out for Roxy

The Mad Scots

Sweet William The Scot said...

Well some women like short men and I am trying to think of a few, but they are all divorced by now. Sorry Ernie! Bawheheeee
Sweet William The Scot

Scooter said...

Hey Ernst!
Wow, that meet with Tobi must have been fabulous! The pressies are great and I can't wait to get to try those treats...I got a bag too and I have to wait until Christmas. Booooo. Anyway, I pawmise that Roxy will love every inch of you, no matter how many (or few BOL) inches there are! BOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

Ziggy Stardust said...

Ernie, I know that Roxy loves you just as you are. She won't care if you are smaller than her, you are fierce and you will protect her no matter what. As for biting Frankie, you are on your own, but I hope you don't get punished if you do.

Loveys Sasha

Unknown said...

Ernie, stop fretting! As you know, I (Wally) am going steady with the leggy Miss Finn...she is like 87 meters taller than me butt she loves me just as I am (short and low to the ground). I pawmise you Roxy LURVES you regardless of how big or small you are!
Wally (& Sammy)

Mollie said...

Big is bootiful, just look at mez bawahwhhahahhhaa youz let Frankie back in then. What super goodies you got, even if there was SNOWMEN BAWAHHHAHWAAA.. Bet Frankie is real jeeyous cos youz got the second best gal in Blogville, me furzt :) xxooxx

Mollie and Alfie

Molly the Airedale said...

Size isn't everything, Ernie. You have a big heart and that counts more!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

Oh size does not matter Ernie …. I'm sure you are man enough for Roxy. Were you two stuck in the car while the peeps were in the eating place?? How rude. At least you gots some great stuff from Roxy and to meet her mum….. so cool!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

the booker man said...


my mama always says that bein' smaller has it's advantages. like you can hide way super easy and stuffs and then jump out of a pressie box and give miss roxie the bestest surprise evarrr and then she will be all like, "my ernie sneaky surprise guy! i heart you so much!!!" and SMOOCH you!
Ooooooo, i'm gettin' dizzy from all the romanticals...

*woozy woofs*
e boo
ker man

marley said...

I haz mezzure yoo wiv my doggie scales Ernie my pal...and it says....*waits*....yoo is PAWFECT.....that will shut up 87 time world teasin champ Frankie Furter