Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to buy a SLURP...

Who wouldn't want a SLURP from a Studly guy like THIS Fine Fella???............ OH WAIT...
THAT's ME.. Well, you can get a big ole SLURP from ME by following the directions below, too. {{{{{{Blush}}}}}}}

I have had a couple of questions about HOW to Buy a SLURP... well here is how I (Frankie

Furter) did it...

Go to Paws Of Peace/ Crossed Paws site and then look through the Pictures of the Slurpers...

Next I wrote down WHO I wanted Slurps from... and HOW MANY from each one... and I WROTE THOSE DOWN on Paper.. THEN COUNT the number of Slurps TOTAL.

Slurps are $1.00 Each

THEN I went to the DONATE button on the right and clicked it. Signed into my PayPal Acct. and told it how many Green Papers I was putting in. THEN when it was all set up... you see a rectangle that says somethingy like: Instructions for the Seller... Click into that one.. and

Write down the NAME of EveryBuddy you want a Slurp from..... and HOW many Slurps from each. That way Miss Clare and JD & Max will have a record of who gets how many slurps. THAT is IMPAWTANT... beclaws the one who gives the MOST Slurps... is gonna get a little prize pressie from my Re-Election CamPAIN Committee (AKA... ME).

It is all very very much easy... and every Slurp... helps Sweet Gracie Lynn with her Surgery Bills.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to copy and paste the Slurp Buyin directions and Posting them on YOUR Blog. It will help YOUR Followers to know how to do this. THANKS, FF


Tessa the Maltese said...


Thanks so very much BIG Bro! I tells you Mom and I wondered round and round the Crossed Paws Slurp site and we could not figure it out.

Mom kept sayin that it had to be like the Kissing Booth was. But it wasn't.

Once again my BIG Bro comes to the rescue! Wooo Hoo and lots of hugs, hugs, hugs.

woos, you lil sis, Tessa

Benny and Lily said...

oh boy does mom need instructions
Benny & Lily

Beans4Biscuits said...

Thank goodness for your instructions Mayor!! We are Slurp-votin' RIGHT NOW!!!

We also copied your instructs for the instruction challenged mommas (like ours) out there trying to buy Slurps...

Sugar the Who

Jazzi said...

BOY< we will all be slurping silly pretty soon!! BOL

jazzi and Addy

Sagira said...

You guys come up with the best ideas. :)