Monday, May 16, 2011

Sad News

I have some sad news to pass along today. You all remember PEPSI who started the WORLD FAMOUS... Paws Bang band. Well, he has had a TOUGH MONTH and needs some of our good thoughts and well wishes.
Furst Pepsi's DAD had to have surgery. He is doing much better now... just sore and stuffs... butt he could use some of our Healing Vibes and stuff.
THEN Three of Pepsi's Hammies have crossed the bridge.
Rest well Skittles

and Dong2 and

Chubbs. Pepsi misses you and so does his family.

Please take a moment to send our furend some Blogville Love.

PeeS... Asta could use a little love too. Her mom and dad are all worried about stuffs and it is kinda upsetting fur Asta. Let's send them some GRRRRREAT LUCK. Ok?


Anonymous said...

On my way Frankie. I was just wondering where they'd been this morning.

Thanks for letting us know,

Mango said...

We're on our way to send good thoughts.


3 doxies said...

Nooooo, not Chubbs!!!!!
Dang, I loved dat little ball of fun. My heart hurts now.

I will go see them and I'll stop by Asta's too.


Sarge said...

Hey Frankie!
Wow, thanks for the update. I just got back from seeing Pepsi and I'll catch Asta really fast before Mom goes to work.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Golden Hello ... sending them Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Mr. Pip said...

Oh, I am so sad for Pepsi and his family! I had a special friendship with Chubbs as he helped me battle the gnomes in Turkey!

Thanks for letting us know!

Your pal,Pip

Schnauzer Days said...

Of course Frankie, always sad to hear of others not doing to well so sending lots of healing vibes for Pepsi from here, Dex & Lou x

Jazzi said...

heading right over


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh so sorry to hear all of this, Frankie. We hope Pepsi's dad continues t heal well. And the poor hammies - well, we all know they had a wonderful and loving home, just too bad they had to leave so soon. Hugs to all.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Remington said...

So sorry to hear all of this! Thank you Frankie -- you are such a great friend!

Corbin said...

I'll swing by and send some lovin' their way!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Be right there Frankie.
I'll tell them that you send me.
Love ya, nice good friend Frankie!

Noodles said...

I am VIBING away Frankie. Thanks for letting me (and everypug else) know.
Love Noodles

Mack said...

We hate to hear that our buddies are having hard times. We are on our way to give them some luv.


Barbara said...

On our way, Franky!

Bouncing Bertie said...

So sorry about the bad news. We are sending our very best wishes to all concerned and hope that things look up soon.
Toodle pip!

rottrover said...

Frankie, you are so thoughtful!! On our way!!

sprinkles said...

You are such a good friend and so thoughtful. I don't know your furiend but will stop over and say hello. I hope things turn around for Pepsi. And Asta too.


Oh no that's awful...
I got my heeler vibes charged up.

scotsmad said...

We're sending our strongest vibes out there to Blogville.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

A MilShelb Mom said...

Oh goodness! Thanks for the news.
~Milly and Shelby

Asta said...

Dawling Fwankie
I'm so sad to wead that Pepsi and his family have had so much sadness. I loved his little hammie family and will always wemembew jamming wif them .They wewe an impawtant pawt of ouw band.
I thank you fow youw thoughts fow my pawents too
you awe a twoo fwiend!
smoochie kisses

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

We are purring for Pepsi and his family, and for Asta's family.

We love you, Frankie.

houndstooth said...

Seems like a lot of stress going around Blogville lately! We'll send our vibes!


Lorenza said...

My paws are crossed for Pepsi and his family and for Asta and her mom and dad too!
Kisses and hugs

Amber DaWeenie said...

So sad to hears all dis bad news on a Monday. We has to make da rounds and visit every buddy.

I likes your new header foto.

Benny and Lily said...

so sorry to hear...all our paws are crossed
Benny & Lily

MAXMOM IN SA said...

So sorry to hear this. Our paws are crossed too...

Jess and Glacier said...

Oh no.
Will be thinking of Pepsi and his family.

Ronnii said...

Been n doned it Frankie, Poor Pepsi him is havin a rought time rite now

Sagira said...

Sending good thoughts to your friends. :)