Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post # 975... Crap Magnet pawt #2

Now FURST... let me tell you that SOON I'm gonna hit a HOOOOOOGE Milestone. 1,000 posts... SOON.

Now this is me and I TOLD you yesterday that I am a CRAP Magnet. I know this isn't a grrrreat pic... butt can you see .... IT???
Yep... that little "S" lookin thingy really is what you think.. STUCK in my furs... is a ... WORM.

NO... I am not lickin my chops beclaws I want to EAT the worm... I am really tryin to clean MUD off my nose. Can you see the WORM???

This is a close up of him... Or her... Plus some additional Crap just above him. My mom had to Pick the worm outta my furs... with her fingers... hehehehe... Good thingy that she is from Sturdy Stock. RIGHT?

I'm tellin you... I am a Crap Magnet... Trees and Worms..

Both of these thingys happened on the Same Day... when I was working on my Duggel/Tunnel to Canada.

Mom says that I have to tell you this pawt.. even if I would Rather NOT...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS.... I did have to have a baff and teef brushing when I was finished fur the day. Sheeeesh.


detroit dog said...

Frankie, Want to hear something REALLY bad?????

There is a dog that lives behind us that likes to jump the fence and then roll around in Mr. Q's crap. Can you believe it!!!!??? Her poor parents! Talk about a "crap magnet." Ha!

Sarge said...

Hey Frankie!
Wow, that's too funny! BWAR HAR HAR You dug up a wormy...did Papaw Pantslegs go fishing with it?? He'll want to put you to work every day so he has bait! Tee hee about the bath...at least you don't get the garden hose treatment like I get!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Minna Krebs said...


Minna Krebs said...

Oh....at furst I thought it was a snake....

Mr. Pip said...

I have the same problem with stuff getting in my fur - though I have never had a living thing like a worm in my fur! I usually just have boring things like thread, paper towels, feathers (from the pillows), etc.

1000 posts!!!! Are you going to have a party to celebrate!!!

Your pal, Pip

Erin and Co. said...

*shudders* Boy am I glad I don't even half long furs like dat!


road-dog-tales said...

Frankie - We just want to tell you that you should thank your lucky stars for YOUR Mom. Our Mom woulda taken you to the groomers for a "puppy cut". She had a long-haired dog once and kept it in a short style all the time. How silly is that??? Good thing we all have short hair already, huh?

The Road Dogs

MyFavoritePupJasmine said...

A real worm?? Was it still alive? Are you planning on going fishing soon? ;) lol

Good thing you have a nice mommy to take care of these things!

rottrover said...

We're thinkin' haircut, too!! You might like having a 'smooth coat" fur a while. Just sayin'...

Rottie Kisses!

Barbara said...

Well, at least the worm was on the outside and not the inside!

Ruby and Penny said...

Ewww!! Gross!
Love ya
Ruby & Penny

Kari in WeHo said...

you really area a crap magnet!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Yuck....Double Yuck...da tree was bad nuff. Hey...maybes you can gets a job at da local bait and tackle store!

Corbin said...

Yuck! I tried to eat one once... I don't recommend it.

Mack said...

Wow - he looks so juicy and yummy!

Bouncing Bertie said...

Please tell us your Mom didn't eat the worm....
Toodle pip!

Anonymous said...

That is so very yuckie! I had a slug stuck in my tail hairs last week! Mom couldn't take it out and Mel had to do it. Then I got a bath. What is it with bugs and baths? sheesh!

I can't wait for your 1,000 post! That is like Pawsome!!!

woo woos, Tessa

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

See, Frankie - here is the solution. You need a sibling there to help lick off that worm. Think of all the fun you could have doing zoomies with a brother or sister. Then you could get each other free of worms and crap. Go talk to Mom about that one.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

George the Lad said...

I was just going to say that's what you get digging holes lol!! it could have been worst if you had been digging in muddy water it might have been a leach!!!
See Yea George xxx

Schnauzer Days said...

Hey Frankie, that worm would have made a tasty morsel if you could have got there first. We bring in baby slugs on our legs which makes our human sick :-) - just realised we weren't following you so have put that right! - Dex & Lou xxx

scotsmad said...

Now that's a new one! We get all sorts of stuff stuck in our fur BUT never a worm!

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

3 doxies said...

Ummmm...you has to 'excuse my mum while her hurls. Her thinks worms are just armless and legless BUGS...whatevers!
I be laughin' at da haircut comments...you NEVERS cut a long haired doxies furs.

Has you evers had fried worms? You want to?


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

EWWWWWW you has WORMS!!!!!!!!!!!! I dussn't think Frontline werks for those kinds.

A MilShelb Mom said...

EEEWWW!! A worm?! Gross! hahaah!
~Milly and Shelby

♥ Sallie said...

That worm is almost as big as you! I thought it was one of those killer worms. Like in that old movie, Tremors. Or in the Dune movies.

Maybe that is a baby spice worm. Better keep an eye out for worm sign.


houndstooth said...

A worm?! Oh, the horror of it all! Frankie, you'd better hope your mom doesn't take you to Miss Buzzcut and get you a summer haircut! I don't think a buzz is gonna look good on you!


Lorenza said...

A worm???
You are soooooo magnetic!
Sure the bath part was not your fav, right?
Kisses and hugs

Jazzi said...

Eww....a icky worm!! I hate those things. Good thing Mom got it out fur you, sure would hate to have it wigglin..all around in your furs!!

Jazzi and Addy

El'bow and Hauwii said...

hiya franky

we are your new blogfuriends :)
and what a funny post :D

Happy sunny Kissslobbers
El'bow & Hauwii

Anonymous said...

BOL! A worm too??? Ya know they are good protein ;P

As a kid, Mom worked for a worm farming lady. That is until she tried to serve Mom a worm burger for lunch! What the flea?!!! Mom gave up worm farming soon after BOL!

Bummer about the bath Frankie. Have you reached Canadas border yet?

Waggin at ya,

Anonymous said...

Oooh, gracious Mr. Frankie, a WORM? Did it WIGGLE? Mom shivered with scaredyness when she saw it because she doesn't like worms! And how mean of that old tree thingy to stick to your ear furs! I hope you didn't mind your bafftime too much!

Barks and Wiggles,


Sagira said...

You have a worm stuck to your furs? BOL now that is kind of funny. Guess he was tricking to hitch a ride inside huh?