Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exciting News... and Who am I

Ruby and Penny (and their mom) are all FINE. They didn't even FEEL the earthquake, beclaws it was thundering there. I didn't feel it either, for THE SAME REASON.
Coooooool announcement for you...... Ruby and Penny have decided on a SUMMER WEDDING !!!!!! They haven't picked the exact date butt it will be late July or mid August. They just told me LAST NIGHT!!!! WHHHHHHOOOOOOOOIE!!! I'm a happy guy!!!!! HECK, I just sent their birthday pressie box yesterday morning... Now, I guess I get to do a bit more shopping. YiPPPPPPIE!!!!!

NOW.... I am gonna do the Who Am I thingy while I wait to hear my fate.


1. Name & Age Frankie Oscar Furter Price I am 4

2. Breed: Long Haired Dachshund

3. Nicknames: Franklet, Frankster,Frankie Pankie, Frankster Pankster, Frank, Damn it, Little Man, Momma's Little Man.


1. Toys: The Wubba that my darlings Ruby and Penny gave to me.


3. Human: MOM


1. Worst Habit: Not eating my supper, it worries my mom to death.

2. Most Embarrassing Moment: When I saw that Benny and Lily had... Posted pics. of me at the Blackjack Pawty (see their 6/22/10 post).

3. Family Dynamic: Well, once I get married, I'll just settle back and do what my girrrls think is best.

4. My Human's Favorite thing about me: My mom says it is that I make her feel LOVED. I hardly ever get in trouble.


scotsmad said...

Ooooooooo, a wedding coming up!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


I am so excited!! You gotta let us know as soon as you know when the wedding is so Mommy makes sure4 we don't miss it.

At first I thought there was a freak of nature happening we I saw your pic...snow in the middle of the summer?


Mango said...

Sounds like you are a wonderful all around chap, but we knew that already.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Coooooool announcement for me, I feel so happy for you.
Am I invited, Frankie?
But wait a minute, are you gonna marry Both of them?

Maggie Mae said...

Yay I luvs weddings! Learning all about my furiends is fun too!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

BRUTUS said...

So do you have your tux reserved?? Who's in the wedding party?? What color are the dressses? We need DETAILS man!

Brutus the Frenchie

A MilShelb Mom said...

Yay for a wedding!!

We liked reading your answers.
~Milly and Shelby

Anonymous said...

Helllloooo, Frankie Pankie (hehe!). Oh, congrats, congrats, congrats on your upcoming getting married wedding thing! I'm very much happy for you! Yippee!! Can I come? Oh, mom says that's not polite. Um, so, you know, if you wanted to invites me, I wouldn't say no or anything.

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. Mom says you will stay married a looooong time with your attitude of settling in and letting the girls decide what your pack dynamic is.

Sam said...

A wedding, how exciting!


The Teacher's Pets said...

I had to paws and reflect about your winter picture for a few minutes and then the lightbulb went on....COOOL NEWS....I got it! Very cool play on words...hee! hee!

I cannot believe it's taken the girls soooo long to decide on a wedding date because I know how crazy they are about you but that's a women's priority, right? Congratulations to the 3 of you!

My mom LOL'd when she read that one of your nicknames is "Damn It"! What a crazy nickname....doesn't make sense to me but it made a lot of sense to my mom!

XOXO....Daisy the Coonhound

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Woo Hoo - a summer wedding!!! We just know it will be a beautiful day for all of you.

Can you send us some of that snow please?

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Remington said...

Congrats, my friend! A wedding. I wish you the very best. I don't think I even have a girlfriend any more. She is so busy with her work I haven't heard from her in ages. Oh well, maybe being single isn't so bad....

houndstooth said...

Frankie, you're a lucky, lucky guy! I hope the wedding goes perfectly!

It was cool to learn more about you, too!


P.S. The secret is killing me! On Monday or Tuesday, you'll know all about it, though!

the booker man said...

mr. frankie,
i'm glad that miss ruby and miss penny are a-okay after that earthquake thingie!
and HOLY CATS! it's almost wedding time!! do you have your tux picked out? bow tie or ascot? what about a boutonniere, oh, and a pocket square? this is soooo exciting!!!
the booker man

Dory and the Mama said...

Woo Hoo on a summer wedding!!!!

After reading your family dynamic we KNOW you are going to make a great hubbie!!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

Minna Krebs said...

I am all giddy to learn that the wedding bells is going to be ringing soons!

I just loves all that wedding and romance stuffs!

I'm going to have my moms shop for a new dressie for me, to honor your puptials!


Benny and Lily said...

Oh Frankie!! BOL hope you have your suit ready for the wedding. So you were embarassed at the blackjack pawty?it's cause you got caught. You are hysterical.
Benny & Lily

Agnes B Bullock said...

Now we have to plan the bachelor party, the bridal shower and bachelorette party, registering for gifts, etc!!!!

3 doxies said...

Hehehehe...furst let's me say that we haves da saaaaaame nick name...damn it. Course mum likes to add my name on da end of it...hehehe! Course, I alredy kew all those things bouts you cuz I'm a doxie and we all know bouts one another...hehehe!
Now bouts this wedding coming up...we needs a bachelor pawty, a bachelorette pawty, a preacher, a wedding planner, groomasmen, and maid of honors and all that stuffs. Ya'lls gots lots of work to do. Gosh, I'm tired from thinking bouts it. Oooooooh, I hope I'm invited....I gotta find a gift...Oh my gosh....I can't breath now.
Frankie, congratulations on your wedding but promise me you won't change around your furiends. I'm worried now. I mean I loooooove Miss Ruby and Penny more than anything but I just don't want you to go and change. Then you wouldn't be Frankie.

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We can't believe that you think your name is damn it. That is such an awful thing to be called.
Hope you're just hearing wrong.
Love ya
Ruby & Penny

The Two Country Poodles & Uncle Puppy said...

Wow that is good news...Can't wait to see the wedding photos. Loved the Who am I...It was very interesting.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo
& Uncle Puppy

Alli and Frankie said...

Oh my word, Is your middle name really Oscar?! LOL!!!!!!

I don't know anything about the name game thing. Can you give me the short version of the rules?

My little Frankie's favorite food is cheese, also! :) I can't believe how alike you both are!

xoxo Alli

George the Lad said...

Wedding, well peeps have Hen partys for the girls, and Stag partys for the boys, what do we have? Bitch and Dog party's, so what I'm getting at is when's your Dog party, you gota have it before you get hiched.
See Yea George xxx

Sargeant said...

Hey Frankie! It's Cousin Sarge.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Your wimmmen are beauties!

I don't know about this Who Am I thing, but here is mine since I don't have a doggie bloggie.
Name: Sargent (It's really Sergeant, but everyone spells it the other way.) Age 4.
Breed: Shelter Dog Heinz 57, but mosty German Shepherd and some Lab.
Nicknames: Little Sarge, Squeak Deak, Scooter Crunch, Hey!, Buddy.
Toys: My beloved holy Cow.
Snack: Peanut butter.
Human: My beloved Dad.
Worst Habit: To my Dad, my worst habit is sneaking into his bedroom and licking his pillow. I think it's my most endearing trait. We agree to disagree.
Embarassing Moment: Wow. Too many to choose from. I do like to pick up my own back leg in my mouth and try to carry it around the room. Lots of giggles for that one.
Human's Favorite Thing: My Mom loves what I do for Dad's pillow. Sort of our secret chuckle!

That was fun. Congrats again on the wedding, Cousin.

Grr and Woof,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
Glad to know Ruby and Penny are ok!
Summer wedding! It is going to be pawesome!
I saw you gambling! 87 times!
Kisses and hugs

Twix said...

OMD! How very exciting! Will there be bachelor and bachelorette parties? That could be interesting. I love your nicknames! You do know I have posted about how I got my name twice before. I'm not sure I should do it again. What do you think?

kalyxcorn said...

wow, a wedding! congrats all around!! :)

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

THE DATE IS SET AROOOOOO!!! Congrats to you and the girls Frankie!!!

Could you sail some of our furiends over to Honorooroo for our pawty?

Can't wait to play the name game!!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add Frankie Flirter to your nicknames, and I love that one too. Frankster was rather appropriate. A summer wedding? Woo hoo. I should pick a lovely designer dress, unless of course it is a closed wedding. I'm sure you'll give us the details when you're ready.