Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Boat float and Pawty games

This is ME... Frankie Furter helping my furend the Ranger Guy, to get the Loose boat tied back up. UMMMMM, those nice parking lines are NOT meant for BOATS, BTW. "Hey, buddy you gotta go a little to the RIGHT. " He would NEVER have gotten it tied up again without ME.
This is where the boat STARTED out. I pawsonally don't think the thingy should have tried to run away from its place, butt that's just me thinking. The Lady L is not allowed to do that. SEE, it ended up beached SIDEWAYS in the parking lot for its foolishness. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure that the Lady L has a Microchip. I'd better look into that.

That is my dad on the right. Look over his shoulder WAAAAY down there you can just see a tiny bit of Jennifer Jeep. She is Gray.. like most of my mom's furs. Then you can see One of the light poles that some boats one time got stranded on top of. The guy on the Left is my furend Ranger Guy. He helps me every year with the Burr Oak Lake LUAU. He is taking off his big tall boot thingys after saving the lost (Beached) boat.....not without my help mind you.
I told Ranger Guy that I was very much impressed with how well he followed my orders. Of course you can see me beside one of his boot thingys. When we were all finished we ate some of mom's cookies and some of her deer jerky. Then we just went home. Sigh.
This is one last look at the runaway boat... Before Ranger Guy and I got it tied up.

Lady L on the Left.... Darlene and Bill's boat on the left. When it comes back the Lazy Sue goes in between our boats. Those people are our furends too.

Since Benny and Lily are both soon to have Birthday Bashes they are looking into Pawty Planners. I thought I would lend my supawt by posting my list of neatO pawty games. You are all more than welcome to play any or all at any Pawty you may be planning. ENJOY!!

Catch the Cat
Squirrel Squall
Catch the Clothspin on your Tail
Steal the Snacks
Howl at the Moon
De-Stuff Challenge
Cold Nose Butt Sniffing
PeeMail Scavenger Hunt
Balloon Bursting
Power Napping
Double Dawg Dare...Poop Eating Contest
Find the Flea
Yip, Yap, and Roach
De-Fuzz the Tennis Ball
Hunch a Hound
Race the Rodent round the Rosie Bushes
Lick the Toad... double Dawg Dare
Roach in the Rabbit Poops
Hole Digging Race
Sniff, Snort, and Fart
Hide and Sniff
Three Legged Butt Scooting


kissa-bull said...

oh my we'd vewy much love to play all the games especially the ones wiff tooting involved teehee
cap'n frankie has shaved the day again. what ever would those humans do wiffout your smarticles???

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Rambo said...

They sound like some really fun pawty games, but I would have to pass on the Double Dog Dare Poop Eating Contest. That just sounds gross. Maybe the humans can play instead :)
I've never played Three Legged Butt Scooting, but I have done a Three Legged Poop. he he


houndstooth said...

Those are great games!

Did you wear your life jacket when you went out to help pull in the runaway boat?


the booker man said...

wow, that is crazy, mr. frankie! there is water everywhere! it's totally a good thingie that you were there to help mr. ranger dude get the runaway boat back to it's spot. i hope all that water goes away fast so you can go out on the lady l soon.
i like all your partay games, by the way. cold nose hiney sniffing sounds especially fun. heehee!
the booker man

Jazzi said...

That boat sure looks like fun. Do you have a life jacket?? or can you swim really good? Good thing that they have you there to help the guys out huh??


Remington said...

I like almost all the games. I can't wait to play! You certainly are a good boat captain. What in the world would they do without you?

Benny and Lily said...

Well I'll be!! Not only is Frankie the snoopervisor and ahoy Captian..thank GOODNESS he was there to lend a paw, he is also a pawty planner. Look at the lost of games he wrote for us. Thank goodness! Well done my friend
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Directing the boats sure is hard work, Frankie!
All those games sound awesome but... but... Poop Eating Contest?? hmmm... I am not so sure about it!
Kisses and hugs

Dory and the Mama said...

What a great snoopervising job Frankie!! I think you are almost as good as Bilbo at herding humans!

WOW...those are some great pawty games...I will have to rememeber them for my next hostessing gig!


Anonymous said...

Thank Dog you were there to help out Ranger Guy. I am certain the job could not have gotten done without you, Captain Frankie, or do you prefer Frankie Flirter? I can call you anything you like, you adorable funny friend. I loved your list too. We should play all the games. Challenge-cold-nose-butt is my favorite

Mango said...

You sure know a ton of games. Many of which I have yet to try.

Whatever would the humans do without doggies to help them puzzle things out?


dewdana said...

Great snoopervising! Ok... maybe I am starting to understand this boat situation... I think I see a floating dock in the back ground and that is where the boats are supposed to be? did that whole thing float in to the parking lot? How is it possible to be tied too tight to a floating dock? Ok you don't really have to answer all these silly questions... I think I am sort of getting the picture! Glad your boat was ok and has lived to sail another day!