Friday, January 29, 2010

Post # 444

Hi everybuddy,
Did you see that the AKC has announced the Top 5 breeds for '09??? If YOU are listed... congratulations to you.
5. Beagle
4. Golden Retriever
3. Yorkshire Terrier
4. German Shepard
and the #1. Breed....
Labrador Retriever.... Pssssst.... Hey Dexter.... I'm just sayin'.
Two big announcements!
Frankie Mae ..... got a new brother!!! Don't know his name yet. He is a short hair black and tan. He just arrived today... immediately following his.... TUTORING!!!
I have been kind of distracted lately. It has been hard for me to eat or drink or .... GASP even NAP. I am going to make a big confession. I am IN love!!!
This has my tail all in a twitch. I'm in LOVE and I need to do something about it. This is not just plain love. This is the REAL stuff. The forever and ever and always love. The kind where you have to say, "I'm IN love". SIGH
As I said yesterday... WE can't get married, BUTT I want to be committed forever. SIGH
I'm going to have to do something about this, aren't I????


SGR said...

Woof! YAH! Golden are 4th. OMD! Did you say In LOVE ... WOW! Well, what you feeling is definitely normal. Lots of Golden LOVE to you. Woof, Sugar

houndstooth said...

Frankie, who's the lucky girl? I'd start by sending her a bouquet of milkbones!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

as long as wolfhounds stay well off the list we are happy ;-)

Agnes B Bullock said...

Great news Frankie!!!!! Hope she is a dachsie!

Frankie Furter said...

Okay!!! I'm ready to take the big step.....

Tomorrow you will all know WHO!!!


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie

You forgot to say that DACHSHUNDS are on the list, we are # seven.

ya know the way we see it all us dachshunds have to do is just keep on being so cute and charming and then we can take over the # one spot.
Then we can work on getting that licenses thing rectified.

Alli and Frankie said...


With whom are you in love?! The suspense is killing me!

Charlie (we're taking the name for a test run) slept great! No crying until 5:00 when he had to go outside. He slept in our big dog's kennel with her. She's our old lab/coonhound and she has bathroom issues so she sleeps in her kennel. She's so big and laid back, he just curled around with her and the slept great! Knock on wood for tonight! I have so much to say but I don't want to take up all your space so I'm going to write about it on F.M.'s blog!

:) Alli

Frankie Furter said...

You know I love you all...butt this is different. I'm IN Love with... Well, you'll see TOMORROW. OK???? SIGH SIGH

Lorenza said...

I saw our breed on another list... but not in this one! Hmm...
I read Frankie Mae today's post and they named him Charlie!
Are you in love?? Who is she? Who is she?? Please... tell us!
Kisses and hugs

kissa-bull said...

ish'nt gweat to be in love
i love being in love with my lady love too
puppy love is the gweatest


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
You are in Love???? WOW this is so exciting. Who is the lucky girl or should we say girls.
Love Ruby & Penny

Twinkietinydog said...

OMD, a new brother? Poor pup. Now you get to torture him like I do "the other" Frankie. I have an even better idea, call him Frankie and let's see if we can get out Frankies' straight. Congratulations, my furiend!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh the suspense....


Twinkietinydog said...

PS I couldn't resist. I did see the Mae after the Frankie but who is she? I looked and looked around your blog...I can't believe I messed up like that. Thanks for setting me straight though. I don't want any misunderstandings between furiends. Frankie says hello and thank you for your kind comment on on her post (ugh)

Frankie Furter said...

I guess I should make a big PAWligy. I thought you would all be able to find Frankie Mae's blog very easy. Thanks Twinkie for letting me know.
Here is her bloggie addy
Frankie Mae is all excited about her new brother. Butt she is worried about him not pooping. If you have any suggestions please send them on to her.

Wild Dingo said...

can't wait to meet the lucky brofur!

wild dingo

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Us half-breeds are completely ignored. I think I'm going to call the ACLU, or somebody, because I think I'm being discriminated against! Good luck with the love thing!

*kissey face*

Alli and Frankie said...

Okay, we have #2. He's gone 3 times today. At first, it was a little scary but seems to have - um - firmed up as the day has gone on. And he's eaten lots of kibble. And a couple of dog bones b/c I couldn't resist. And I took the cone off for the day while I was here. :)

Thank you so much for your advice! I'm just so excited to see how he fills out. I'm going to try and get some good pix of him so I can compare after he's all fattened up!

Can't wait to see who the lucky girl is tomorrow! :)

Benny and Lily said...

The list is very wrong
Benny & Lily
Pee S. A new brother! Yea

Dory and the Mama said... LOVE?? Can't wait to find out who the lucky dog is!