Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coming after YOU !!

HILARIOUS... What fun we had tricking the "weenie".
He had no clue what was REALLY under these "stuffie" camo outfits.

While the dumb dachshund was worried about some minor excavations and purloined seeds...

WE... The Rodent Rangers were preparing for all out attacks from coast to coast and our... "neighbors" to the NORTH and South. No Dawg will be spared.

Keep your eyes on the skys. Don't bother to look for any Eagle Beaked Beagels in Sopwith Camels either. Rodent Ranger Ariel Assults will be conducted by Rocket J. "Rocky" Squirrel. You had all better be wearing Crash Helmets if you want to protect your tiny PEA brains from falling sticks, nuts, and branches.

Tiny Tank... your "two cents" won't be nearly enough to bail you out now. Rodent Rangers are out to S P A N K the TANK !!!
Frankie Mae... that spray won't keep US away, you're gonna "pay".
Hey Norwood, we're gonna get you "good".
Twix your chair may need a big FIX.
Khyra might just find her... "drive by window" closed for business.
Nigel... do you recall "Mr. Stick" ????? He is one of our BEST friends.
Sola... we're WORSE than Ebola.
Mona, we can get you when we wanna.
PeeWee, keep your eye on that "tree".
Oscar, Tinkerbell, and Tucker are out of Lucker.
Sadie is going to be a 'fraidy.... SOON !!!
Those Canadian "Doxies" better gather some MOXIE. The Acme Co. is running a BOGO... Bite One, Grab One sale.
Mango will be doing a Hot Paw Tango.
Star and Riley... you won't be so "smiley".
Lorenza's dresses will soon be "messes".
Marge, prepare for the "charge".
As Khyra would say.... KHaos is KHoming to Dawgdom.
from: Rodent Ranger High Command


Mango said...

You don't scare me.... much.


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!

Those rodents need to learn a lesson!
Sadie says " Dogs unite!!! It sounds like those RODENTS are planning an all out assault. we need to stand up to them before they take over all our blogs. We are dogs hear us bark!"

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Just woo try!


BRUTUS said...

Phew... See I wasn't mentioned on the list. I'll just be minding my own business over here in North Dakota (hehehe - note diversion tactic).

Brutus the Newfie
(see, I didi it again)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rodents,

I have just one thing to say to you.


OWAS Commander Tank

Frankie Furter said...

Tanklet... We are !!!
Brutus... Nice Try... They neither one worked though!
Khyra... Pffff on you too!
Sadie... No Barking will be heard, it will all be whines and whimpers!
Mango AND PeeWee...We're gonna scare the floof out of you.

Rocket J, "Rocky" Squirrel reporting from the Rodent Ranger Command Center. (Located somewhere Near YOU!)

Frankie said...

We want Frankie back. NOW.

Frankie Furter said...

Yea well you aren't getting him. He is busy right now. Shaking in the corner. HAW HAW HARDY HARR HAW


Hey.. watch yourself. Come over to my blog and see who's really scared mr. commando!

PS glad ur blog is back working for you.

Life With Dogs said...

Ok, we have the grill fired up. Who has a giant net?

Frankie said...

You guys are going to regret this.

Sam said...

OH NOES!!! We dawgs must gather our army NOW!!!

Twix said...

You silly stuffies look like a bunch of squeakers to me and if you know anything about us K9s you know we destroy squeakers! Besides that we have all our two leggers on our side...what do you have? The fake ACME co? Ha! We will get our Frankie back and you will regret this!

Twix said...

One more better keep your nasty feeties off my chair! Frankie loves my chair and I will defend it to the death.