Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My first guided tour

Some of the sculptures that Brandie saw.

More sculptures.
This is ME showing her which way to go and what I wanted her to see. Follow me, Brandie.

This is Brandie looking (and touching) a work in progress. It looked like people being tossed around by a big wave.

Brandie looking at some of the plaster covered beginning parts of a new sculpture.


Well, I took the new (temporary) neighbor, Brandie to Alan Cottrill's studio yesterday. Everything went really grrrreat, once I managed to escape from Jim the Grinch Guy.

Just as we were putting up the garage door, he came sneaking in and was going to try to dognap me. Fortunately my mom saw him first and picked me up and kept me safe. He SAID he had come to visit with my dad and to bring my mom's tomato juice maker back, BUTT you and I know better, don't we !!!! He was after me.

So once we made sure he and dad were settled in for a "visit", mom and I went to get Brandie. I let her hold me on her lap so that she would not be afraid and off we went.
I was sad when I found out the Mr. Cottrill was not going to be there, butt the two very much nice worker men were there and.... When they saw me they remembered me. Even my name. They told Brandie all about how the sculptures are actually made and then cast into bronze. They did a really SUPER SUPER job of explaining everything. Mr. Cottrill should be very proud of how grrrreat they were. I think he should give them both a nice treat.
Then I took over and showed Brandie all the neat stuff. I wanted her to hurry so that I could take her upstairs where my friend the GOOSE sculpture is. That is the thing that I wrote my story about.
It was all very much a super duper grrrrreat fun thing. We stayed there a very much long time.
Then they wanted to go buy tee and sweatshirts at this good place mom knows about. Now they both want to go back to buy more stuff. I didn't like that place much so I am not going.
Then that silly Brandie did a really nice thing and bought my mom lunch and we all came home.
I hope that she enjoyed her day as much as I did. I know she felt safe because I was on her lap.
PeeS I am going to be having a Grinch update very soon. He has done something .... very Grinchlike, BUTT you are still not going to believe it. I discovered it last night when mom and I took a 4-wheeler ride down the road past his house. I am really worried about this thing.

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Frankie said...

Wow - those sculptures are amazing. Where's the dachshund sculpture? :) Glad you guys had a good day. Can't wait to hear what's going on with the Grinch!
:) Frankie