Friday, September 11, 2009

Meeting last night

I found out what this green monster was for. It certainly isn't any of the things I was worried about. There aren't any Grinch Eggs in there incubating. It isn't a jail for dachshunds. Butt... I'm still not going anywhere near it. I'm not going into details butt I will say that the whole situation pretty much stinks. 'nuff said. I went to my writer group meeting last night. It lasted a very much long time so I am really tired today. There were some really nice new people there. One man read my story for me. He did a super job. I had to use the word YAMMER in it. That was easy for me. I told about how the people on the train yammered and yammered about me having my own train car. I am not sure why, butt people were laughing and laughing. I was very much serious about all the stuff I had written.
Here is my story for this month. Last month the word was perfidy. I didn't understand that word back then and used it all wrong. They laughed about that one too. I made up for it though by putting the word in THIS story and I got it RIGHT. I do go to those meeting to LEARN things you know.

Yammers are not for building things.

Last weekend I took my mom and dad to Pennsylvania to visit my sister Lori. She is Sarge’s mom. We did some very much fun stuff. The saddest one was to visit the traveling Viet Nam War Memorial. The best one was going on a for real train ride. That is what I want to tell you about.
On our way to Lori’s house I had mom and dad stop at my friend Woodie’s store. Woodie is a chocolate Lab who sells lots of things that my dad loves and stuff for me too. That would be these grrreat bones. Woodie was upstairs and too busy helping his customers to visit with me, butt I did meet these really nice people from Youngstown. They said they were going to their summer cottage along French Creek. I will come back to them later with a big surprise.
We went to the town of Titusville to see three things. Where the guy that the Heisman Trophy was named for was born and raised. Then where the very first ever in the world Oil Well was drilled, and to go on a grrreat train ride through what is called “the valley that changed the world”.
You are very much not going to believe all of this stuff butt I swear that none of it is perfidy.
When we got on the train they gave us our very own personal car to ride in. Butt it was not a car like Jennifer Jeep. We got this special car beclaws, I am a dachshund. I think they must like dachshunds a lot at the train station.
Anyway we stopped several places and more and more people got on the train and they were not happy because they were all crowded up and we had all those empty seats in my car. Mom heard lots and lots of them yammering about this when she went to the Post office car to mail cards from the LAST REMAINING MOBILE POST OFFICE IN THE U.S.A..
When they turned the train around to go back to the Perry Station were we got on there was even more yammering and finally someone asked the conductor why they couldn’t sit in the car with all the space. He explained that it was a Dachshund Car and mom held me up so that they could see me.
And right then, from back in the crowd, someone yammered really loud, “Frankie, Frankie Furter do you remember us? We met at the store the other day.” And so since these people knew me, the conductor let just them sit in the back part of my car. Isn’t that grrreat????
Lori was just stunned when people knew me at a place so far from my home. At first she was laughing about it and then when my Youngstown friends kept talking to ME… she got all upset because she didn’t even know anyone on that train and she only lives 18 miles away.
Let me tell you this, at first she was so surprised that she stammered, then she jealously yammered.
It isn’t my fault that she was born with no tail and only two legs.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Lori just needs to understand



Twix said...

I'm so glad the green monster isn't a doxie jail and I suspected it smelled funny! I love your story!

Frankie said...


You have the best stories! The writer's group sounds like fun.

Stay away from the green thing. I have a suspicious feeling about it!

Annnnndddd, you have to look at the pictures on my blog today! I know you have been wanting to see them! :) I got some exciting mail!

Frankie Mae

Lacy said...

w00fs, me wood b skeered of the green monster too...cant believe Lori is jealous of u..

b safe,